Virgo 2016 Horoscope

Virgo 2016 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Virgo Zodiac Sign 2016


Virgo’s 2016 is off to a very good start, with lots of promising things on the way or already happening. This streak of luck lasts until September. Great opportunities for just about everything.

This is because of the planet Jupiter moving through the Virgo Zodiac sign during most of 2016. It entered the sign already in August 2015, so every Virgo has already had several months of its blessings.

It leaves Virgo in September 2016, after a little more than a year in the Zodiac sign.

Three Joined into One

Jupiter is the bringer of fortunate opportunities and good luck. It is the planet of expansion, meaning that its influence increases possibilities and experiences, whatever they are.

With Jupiter in Virgo, things go your way if you are born in that sign.

Jupiter in Virgo.
Jupiter is in Virgo until September 2016, bringing good fortune.

But that’s not all, though it would definitely in itself be reason to celebrate. In 2016, the North Moon Node, also called the Dragon’s Head, is slowly passing through the Virgo sign.

The North and South Moon Nodes form a line through the horoscope describing the direction towards which everything develops, from one Node to the other. It can be either way, so the direction is decided by other planets in the two involved Zodiac signs, if any.

For Virgo in 2016 it is easy to see the direction. In the New Year horoscope, the North Node in Virgo is joined with the moon in a conjunction. That passes within mere hours, since the moon moves so fast through the Zodiac. But it doesn’t matter. Because the conjunction appears on New Year, it will have an effect during all of 2016.

Furthermore, in the 2016 New Year horoscope, Jupiter is just a few degrees away from the North Node and the moon – so close that it can be said to join them in a conjunction of three.

Everything Heading Virgo’s Way

So, there is no doubt that the direction the North Node describes is to Virgo, from its opposite sign Pisces. That is from uncertainty to decision, from searching to being sure, from worries to dedicated work.

For every Virgo, this is good news indeed. That’s how you like it. Things go your way.

Now, the conjunction of the moon and its North Node is symbolic enough, but it also has a distinct meaning: The direction your life takes is what you have longed for intensely, and you get deep satisfaction out of it. Things go your way and you are utterly delighted, even moved.

The silvery moon also tends to represent money in the horoscope, so there is a chance for Virgo to start 2016 with a significant increase of income – or the prospect of that increase when the development the North Node points out continues.

Jupiter, too, tends to bring fortune with its good fortune. At least, money is not a problem when this planet is involved. The resources you need for where you are heading will be at your disposal.

And because of the expansive nature of Jupiter, you will find that there is more to where you are heading than you calculated with at first. Much more.

So, the start of 2016 is very promising, indeed. It is particularly true for those Virgos born in the middle of September, but it goes to some extent for every Virgo, no matter what date they were born.

Don’t Worry About the Delay

Nothing is as important as the above in Virgo’s 2016, but there are other things happening as well.

A week into the New Year of 2016, Jupiter will start a retrograde movement. Then it will seem like the opportunities you had at the start of the year might vanish, or not turn out as fortunate as they initially seemed to be.

But don’t worry. On the 9th of May, Jupiter will again move forward and the problems will swiftly be solved. You are back on track and speeding up.

Because Jupiter had such a strong position at New Year, the months of retrograde movement will not be as much of a problem as they would normally be. Probably, you can all the time see that things will be solved – it just takes a little longer than expected.

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And on the 24th of June 2016, Jupiter and the North Node form an exact conjunction. That date, or very near to it, is when everything works out like clockwork. Smoothly and way beyond expectations. Your new future has arrived.

Again, this is particularly true for those Virgos born with the sun close to the position of that conjunction. In this case it’s the Virgos born in the beginning of September. But every Virgo should to some extent experience the same success.

Back to Business as Usual

Jupiter leaves Virgo on the 9th of September 2016. After that, your success depends on your hard work. But you are used to that.

And a few days before Jupiter leaves Virgo, it is joined by Mercury and Venus, so it goes out with a bang of additional inspiration, ease and creativity. You get a lot, a great lot, done right before the opportunities cease to appear by themselves.

Then it’s completely up to you.

And the North Nodes remains in the sign until May 2017, so you have plenty of time to follow through on the new direction of your life.

Decisive Action

On the 4th of September 2016, the sun forms a conjunction with the North Node. That brings a lot of extra weight and energy to the process you are in. It changes nothing, but makes it even more determined and unstoppable.

You are heading a certain way, and that’s it. Any remaining obstacles are swept away by your decisive action and determination.

This is extremely evident to those born on that date or the days surrounding it, but again every Virgo should experience it to some extent.

During August 2016, both Mercury and Venus pass over the North Node, bringing some extra resources and solutions to the table.

But you are really fine without them, so that’s of little importance. It just smoothens the process here and there. You’re well on your way and nothing can stop it.

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