Virgo 2014 Horoscope

Virgo 2014 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Virgo Zodiac Sign 2014


There’s not much excitement for Virgo in 2014, according to the horoscope. That’s because the Zodiac sign is void of planets. Not until August 2015 will there be a significant change, with reason for Virgo to cheer.

That’s when Jupiter enters this Zodiac sign, bringing luck and plenty of good opportunities. But this is the 2014 horoscope, so Virgo has to have patience.

Dull Year for Virgo 2014

Of course, it differs from one Virgo to another, according to their complete personal horoscope charts. Generally speaking, though, they has quite a dull period in 2014. It was the same in 2013. No planets in the New Year horoscope.

Some of the heavenly bodies pass through each of the Zodiac signs at least once a year: Mercury, Venus and the sun. The moon does it monthly. But that frequency makes them less important in the horoscope. They don’t bring important news.

None of the outer planets – from Mars and on – was in Virgo at any time during 2013, and will not be in 2014. So, nothing spectacular is to be expected.

Virgos will notice that most of the stuff that happens in 2014 does so without any participation from them. That makes each Virgo more of a spectator, a role they are not that pleased with.

Massive Home Improvement

There is some comfort in the fact that at least Virgos will be indirectly influenced by what happens elsewhere. But they would definitely prefer to have a say and to play a part. They are convinced that it would be better for all, improving the results. But others seem not to agree or even care.

The most important Zodiac sign in the 2014 New Year horoscope is Capricorn, containing as much as five planets: Pluto, Mercury, Venus, the sun and the moon (in astrology they are all regarded as planets of sorts). That’s half of all the planets considered in the horoscope! So a lot is about Capricorn in 2014.

The Virgo Zodiac sign is at a trine aspect to Capricorn, sharing its element earth, so they are connected, albeit in a vague way. What happens to Capricorn tends to benefit Virgo as well, and the other way around.

In this case it’s certainly Capricorn enriching Virgo’s life, because of all the planets in the former Zodiac sign.

In the world horoscope, Capricorn shows new initiatives and ambitions regarding home and family. They are more important than ever, forming the fundament of modern society, if not to say its temple. All of society is involved in a process putting increased importance on homes and families, devoting more and more of its resources on improving and solidifying them.

The 2014 World Horoscope

The complete 2014 world horoscope chart, based on Greenwich at Midnight, the first of January, 2014. Click on it for a bigger image. Click here to read more about the 2014 world horoscope predictions:

The 2014 World Horoscope

This is not only true for 2014, but for our whole era of civilization – ever since Greenwich Mean Time became the world established axis of our time system, and until we change to something else. But in 2014 it is enhanced by Capricorn containing so many planets. Big changes are taking place within this field.

Virgo is not directly involved and is frustrated because of it, but will enjoy what it leads to, and actually praises the process, regarding it as a good priority. Still, wouldn’t everything work out so much better if Virgo was taking active part in it? Virgos are sure of it, constantly seeing room for improvement.

Generally speaking, though, even Virgo has to admit that things are going the right way. And Virgo is sure to get actively involved sooner or later, even if it is only after the process is completed – taking care of repairs and modifications.

No Dreams for Virgo 2014

At the opposite of Virgo in the horoscope is the Zodiac sign Pisces, where the planet Neptune is in 2014 – and several coming years. Pisces is the sign of longing and Neptune is the power of dreams and imagination. They fit each other very well, stimulating their respective qualities.

The main expression of Neptune in Pisces is through all kinds of art. They tend to be particularly dream-like, prone to the eternal questions of the meaning of life and how to reach fulfillment.

That’s so far from what Virgos enjoy, even when it comes to the arts. They prefer down-to-earth subjects and realism, rather than vague fantasies about what doesn’t exist. Therefore the opposition aspect.

Virgo prefers not to dream at all than to indulge in unrealistic visions. A firm grip on reality is Virgo’s ideal also for the arts. So, present isms have little appeal.

That’s true for 2014 as well as the coming fifteen years when Neptune continues its slow march through Pisces. Many Virgos will be tempted to turn their backs completely to art, or look up other artistic forms that don’t care about the isms and trends, but foster tradition and the basic craftsmanship of art.

The Vague Threat of Chaos

The sinister planet Saturn is in Scorpio 2014. That’s at sextile aspect distance to Virgo, which means they find creative meeting points, even actually doing things together. Still, because of the planet being in Scorpio, that’s the one taking the initiatives and deciding on directions. Virgo is along on the ride.

Saturn in Scorpio shows that society is struggling with chaos disturbing order, or is it order proving to be somewhat chaotic at its core? Virgo always prefers order, but knows that sometimes it is reached only through chaos.

In society, there’s a sense of an unknown threat, a danger ahead, but nobody can point it out with any certainty. Virgo feels it too, and sees it as an opportunity for reform and improvement. Old ways might not be adequate anymore, but there is hesitation because few dare to guess where changes might lead at length.

Virgos are not that scared, knowing that fixing things is always better than to leave them broken. Also, they kind of enjoy the uncertainty bubbling in society. It may be scary, but it also proves that there is need for work. And every Virgo is always ready to go to work.

But this situation gives little clues as to what to work on.

Another complication is shown by the Moon Node, which is also in Scorpio 2014. That confirms a social tendency from solid order to unknown chaos. Not that everything is suddenly turned upside-down, but old ways are definitely getting less applicable on the situations society faces. Other actions are needed, and they are not without risk.

Virgo grieves the fact that established methods and routines become outdated, but looks forward to the task of finding new solutions. That’s something at which Virgo is quite skilled.

Much Need for Virgo After 2014

So, even if there’s not too much for Virgos to do right now in 2014, it’s clear that the near future will have much need for their competence. There’s an increasingly bright light ahead, piercing through the fog of the present limbo.

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