Virgo 2013 Horoscope

Virgo 2013 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Virgo Zodiac Sign 2013

The year 2013 will not be that eventful for Virgo. In the New Year horoscope, the sign is empty of planets. Of course, some Virgos can still have an exciting year, due to their personal horoscopes, but generally speaking 2013 can be quite tedious to Virgo.

Last year, 2012, was a different thing. It started with Mars in Virgo, bringing lots of energy and excitement. Conflicts, too. It was a year of adventures for Virgo, some getting your blood boiling and some you could do without.

Not so in 2013. It seems not to be Virgo’s year at all. Lots of things happen elsewhere, hardly involving Virgo at all, as if you were a bystander or an actor waiting for the cue to your entrance.

Virgo in the World Horoscope

Actually, the World horoscope – not just for 2013, but for every year as long as we keep our present world calendar – puts Virgo in the 12th House, which means that the Virgo qualities are the hardest ones to get expressed in present society. In a way, the world seems to renounce the Virgo values, although they are important to any society.

Those qualities are mainly the ability to pursue, even when the obstacles are many and persistent. Virgo is the hard worker, rolling up the sleeves and getting at it, although it may be strenuous and time consuming.

Also, Virgo is the sign of the critic, who is never satisfied until having examined things properly. Everything should be questioned, reexamined, penetrated at depth. Otherwise we can’t know what we claim to know, and there’s no way of making sure that we’re on the right track.

Unfortunately, our society is impatient to reach results that should really take much more time and effort, so what’s accomplished is frequently sloppy – and that’s not only in 2013, but every year. It will not last and it will not be adequate.

Nor is our society very keen on criticism, but prefers to just rush along with any impulse, as if there’s no tomorrow. Scrutiny is regarded as counter-productive and critics are dismissed as being reactionary. Our world is in a hurry, not pausing for what Hamlet called “the pale cast of thought.”

To any Virgo, that’s utter folly. But you find it hard to get your points across.

Aspects to Virgo

In the 2013 New Year horoscope, Neptune in Pisces is in an opposition aspect to Virgo. Neptune inspires dreams and fantasies about the meaning of it all and visions about how to find it. This is a worldwide tendency in people’s minds, which starts in 2013 and goes on all the way to 2026.

It will stimulate religion, dreams, and inner spiritual quests that may be fascinating, but Virgo doubts that they lead to anything substantial. To quote Shakespeare again: “Much ado about nothing.”

So, Virgo resists this tendency in society, struggling to keep a sound mind and insisting on reason and on trying to accomplish something concrete, not just dreams. Again, this is not that well respected by other people.

In the 2013 New Year horoscope, Venus in Sagittarius has a square aspect to Virgo. Venus moves quickly through the Zodiac, so this is an influence typical for 2013, especially the beginning of it.

Venus reveals that new ways of making lasting changes are introduced in 2013, making it surprisingly easy to move from one situation to another, travel long distances, and experience new things.

That sounds good, but what worries Virgo is what gets lost in the process. When we jump from one thing to another, are we sure we’re actually moving forward? Quick changes risk being for the worse, and it’s not sure that it will be as easy to reverse them.

The 2013 New Year horoscope Virgo square aspect to Jupiter in Gemini says almost the same thing. A lot happens in the field of communication, making it expand and speed up even more than what we’ve seen these last few years. It’s a boost of every kind of communication, whether it’s travel or the exchange of thoughts.

Virgo is just as doubtful towards this, although finding use for the innovations and improvements. It’s so much and happens so quickly. Where are the considerations? Where’s the calculation of what will be the result? To Virgo, communication without a goal is just chatter.

But there are some ingredients of the 2013 New Year horoscope that promise to be beneficial to Virgo.

Virgo has a sextile aspect to Saturn and the Moon Node in Scorpio. They actually warn about disorder, if not to say chaos, tearing at society – especially the world economy. But Virgo seems to manage fine, nonetheless.

Virgo knows how to be prepared, so the commotion becomes a confirmation of the importance of the Virgo attitude: Prepare, prepare. Those who do are not victims of any little rattle in the order of society. They’re not invulnerable, but crisis doesn’t strike them as hard as it does the unprepared.

In 2013 Virgo gets the opportunity to say: “I warned you.”

There’s also a Virgo trine aspect to Mercury and the conjunction of Pluto and the sun in Capricorn. Especially the conjunction is a powerful ingredient in the 2013 New Year horoscope. It shows that great and lasting changes are coming to society as a whole, its systems and structures.

Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and will stay until 2024, but in 2013 it has a conjunction with the sun of the New Year horoscope, which is also the World horoscope of 2013. So, it’s effect is multiplied.

During the period 2008-2025, society is going through radical change with a lasting effect. It’s like the bird Phoenix rising out of its own ashes, although no fire is needed here. Still, for a new world to be built, the old one has to be torn down. So, there is drama.

But Virgo sees that this metamorphosis of the structures of society will lead to improvement. It’s concrete and it’s done with competence. So, Virgo is happy to participate.

The year 2013, as Pluto is conjunct to the sun, the nature of what society will be like after this big change is getting visible. We will be able to see where things are heading and why this is necessary. Virgo has probably already known it for a few years.

Summing it up, 2013 is quite a boring year for Virgo, who is sort of left out of much of the action, and often disapproves of it. But it makes Virgo prepared when crisis comes. Also, the direction in which the change of society is heading meets with Virgo’s liking. It’s all for the best.

Virgo, illustration from a 1482 edition of a book by Hyginus.

What Can Be Predicted

The Virgo 2013 predictions are made by Classical Zodiac sign astrology forecast methods, analyzing the Virgo 2013 star sign horoscope and the planetary movements during the year. Therefore, some things can be predicted about the year to come, and other things not.

Also, astrology rarely shows exactly what will happen in full detail, but what astrological forces are at play. So, the more you already know about how those forces affect you and what roles they play in your personal Virgo horoscope, the more can be told from the Virgo 2013 astrological forecast.

Still, you can learn a lot about what to expect in 2013 from the Virgo Zodiac sign horoscope forecast here. But please understand that the predictions deal with tendencies. Astrology is far from an exact science.

Zodiac Sign Calculator

Zodiac Sign Calculator

If you’re unsure of your Zodiac sign, or if you want to know on what degree (between 0° and 30°) of the sign the sun was at your birth, please visit the Zodiac sign calculator. It’s very easy to use, and then you’ll know for sure. Click the header to get there.

How the Astrological Forecast Is Made

The 2013 astrological predictions for Virgo are made with the chart of the New Year horoscope, also considering the movement of the planets during the year. Click the header to read more about how it’s done.

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