Pisces 2017 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Pisces Zodiac Sign 2017

The year starts in a scary way, but in the long run Neptune continues to bring intriguing dreams and inspiration to Pisces.

Neptune entered Pisces in 2012 and stays there all the way until 2026. That’s how slow the planet is on its orbit around the Zodiac. It will take almost 150 years before it appears in Pisces again, so this is a lifetime opportunity for all Pisces.

Planet of Dreams

Neptune is the planet of dreams and fantasy. Its capacity is mainly for our imagination, which it stimulates like nothing else can. It is also instrumental in how art and its “isms” develop.

Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, which makes it bloom even more in this sign. And Pisces is a setting it can truly exploit, since so much of the Pisces characteristics are about what could be and what we hope to be.

Neptune is the planet of the dream world, and Pisces dreams a lot.

So, all these years with Neptune in the sign will be tremendously inspiring to every Pisces. It is like your dreams come true, albeit mainly in your mind. But that’s more important to you than what happens outside of it.

So, you will take delight in it, in spite of very little of it leaking out into what we call reality.

The planet Neptune is in Pisces not only 2017, but from 2012 to 2026, boosting imagination and dreams.

Birthdays Decide

Because Neptune moves so slowly, those affected the most by it in each step of its travel through Pisces are the ones being born with the sun in the same position Neptune has at the moment.

When 2017 commences, Neptune is at 10° Pisces, which corresponds to the birthday March 1st and the days surrounding it. Persons born on those dates will be the most affected.

At the end of 2017, Neptune has not gone further than to 12° in the same sign. That’s because it has a retrograde movement for several months before that. So, the farthest it gets in 2017 is really to 14°, which it reaches on June 15. Then it moves retrograde until November 22nd – a period where its power will be weakened and nuanced. Dreams get more weird and the imagination wanders off really far.

The span of Neptune’s movement means the birthdays affected the most during 2017 are those between March 1st and 5th. Persons born on these dates or close by feel it the very strongest. It will be overwhelming, like hallucinations or stepping inside a movie and living it.

But every Pisces feels it to some extent.

Drama From the Beginning for Pisces

But that’s not all. Far from it. In 2017, Neptune is joined by the planet Mars in a conjunction that becomes exact on the very first day of the year – at New Year. That definitely leaves a big mark, lasting the whole year.

Mars is the aggressor, the fiery force that brings energy to construct as well as destroy. It is the warrior of the horoscope. Therefore, it does not enjoy its stay in the meek sign of Pisces. So, its power is frustrated. That leads to impatience and a kind of suppressed aggression.

Conjunct with Neptune, Mars creates fear of unclear threats. It is something society as a whole will feel, but Pisces certainly feels it the most. It is a time to be afraid. Maybe nothing bad happens – or it does – but the feeling is there. The sense of imminent danger. It will remain all through the year, though gradually fading as the days and months go by.

Those Pisces born around March 1st will feel it the very most – again mainly in the beginning of the year.

This vague fear is something spreading all over the world, so it is a social thing. But Pisces also has personal experiences of the same kind – sudden fear of threats hard to pinpoint and equally hard to prepare for. There is a lack of security. Things happen – or threaten to happen – over which you have no control at all. It’s just to hope for the best.

I would say, though, that most likely things don’t go as bad as it seems they might. The fear is a bigger problem than the cause of it. Take comfort in the fact that the fear will subside by time.

Still, it is definitely so that the year could start better. Probably everyone in the world would agree. Certainly every Pisces.

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