Gemini 2016 Horoscope

Gemini 2016 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Gemini Zodiac Sign 2016


I’m sorry to say that 2016 is likely to be a dull year for Gemini. So was 2015 and so will several years ahead be. That is because no major planets pass through Gemini during this long period.

Notice that this is the situation for Gemini in general, considering only the sun sign. Your personal horoscope chart contains a lot more, so you can still have exciting times in 2016 because of transit aspects to planets and other points in your own complete horoscope.

But here, I speak about Gemini in general, from what happens to that sign only.

Nothing Remarkable for Years to Come

The last time a major planet was in Gemini was the summer of 2013, when Jupiter left the sign after staying a year in it, bringing a lot of luck and opportunities.

The same time Mars entered Gemini to spend a month and a half there, causing the excitement and intensified activity typical for Mars.

But since then – nothing at all spectacular.

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This will not change until April 2017, when Mars reenters Gemini for a month or so of some adventure. A major planet will not come until the end of May 2024, when Jupiter returns to Gemini. The summer of the following year, Uranus reaches Gemini. That is something to look forward to.

But as I said, until then nothing much to talk about.

Ruler of Gemini

As for 2016, then, the only thing to look forward to is the annual visit of Mercury and Venus. They are companions to the sun, following its path around the Zodiac.

The transit sun is not astrologically significant on its own, only when forming conjunctions or other aspects with other planets. And not even then is its role other than a neutral magnifier.

But Mercury is particularly significant in Gemini, since it is the ruler of that Zodiac sign. It blooms in Gemini.

Mercury in Gemini

Mercury is in Gemini for a couple of stimulating weeks.

Mercury enters Gemini on the 13th of June 2016, to stay there only until the end of the month. A mere two weeks.

During that time, though, it livens things up quite a bit for every Gemini. It brings a boost of intellectual activities and interactions with people. You will definitely have an unusual lot of fun those weeks. Be sure to make good use of the short time and enjoy it.

Pleasure with Venus

Venus enters Gemini earlier than Mercury does. It comes to the sign on the 24th of May 2016. But by June 18 it has already left. That’s less than a month.

Venus brings ease and pleasure, also a creative mood. Things tend to run more smoothly when Venus is around, and they lead to better results than might have been expected. So, its presence in Gemini will bring good humor and a general feeling of well-being, together with an increased lust to be playfully creative.

Since Mercury enters Gemini shortly before Venus exits, together they make for quite an agreeable start of the 2016 summer.

Nothing fancy, but sweetly beneficial.

Conjunction Boosts

On June 7 of 2016, Venus forms a conjunction with the sun in Gemini. That gives the nice Venus influence a significant boost, pleasant enough to be a memorable sensation. Things go just as you like, and effortlessly too.

This is mainly true for those born on that date and the days surrounding it, but every Gemini should feel at least some of it.

So, take a chance to have a great experience that day.

And then on the 7th of July, Mercury forms a conjunction with the sun. That’s even more of a boost for every Gemini, again especially for those born around that date.

You get and exchange ideas, you have fun, you are stimulated way beyond normal. You’ll have a hard time standing still any amount of time. Why should you? It will soon be boring again, so get going while you can.

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