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Capricorn 2012 Horoscope.

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You have a very eventful year in 2012, maybe more than any of the other Zodiac signs – especially If you were born in December and the beginning of January. Both Pluto and the sun are in Capricorn in the 2012 New Year horoscope. They make big things happen.

The sun not so much, since it’s there every year, but it still brings extra force – every year, especially at the start of it – to every Capricorn. It’s the greatest of the heavenly bodies, so its significance in the horoscope can never be ignored.

But Pluto is another story. It takes almost 250 years to return to any given spot in the Zodiac, so its position in Capricorn is of vast importance – and for long. It signals great and drastic changes to society, concrete and lasting ones that sort of rewrite the map, and your social life along with it.

Since you are Capricorn, you’ll manage fine, probably even do your bit to make the change come. You certainly feel right in the middle of it. You’ve done so since 2009, when Pluto entered your sign, and will do so until 2024, when it moves on to Aquarius. The world is changing, as if rebuilt, and you’re part of it. That increases your ability and your accomplishments.

The Pluto and sun square aspects to the moon in Aries of the 2012 New Year horoscope indicate that there’s a lot of activity involved on your part, and much of it is not exactly to your liking, but what to do? Without the effort you would be detached from the development, and that’s unthinkable to you. Instead you learn to find satisfaction even when you are initially very hesitant. You go ahead.

You also find that your efforts pay off, also money-wise. The trine aspect to Jupiter in Taurus assures it. You will benefit at least as much as you deserve for your commitment.

The trine to the planet Mars in Virgo says just about the same. Your work is very rewarding and you accomplish more than usual, which is saying something. Your energy is hardly ever exhausted when it comes to getting things done, especially at work, but really any project you undertake.

What can complicate matters is the duty you have to partners – in love, in business, and in other fields of life. That’s the square aspect to Saturn in Libra. You can’t escape these obligations, although you’d like to, so you just have to try harder and overcome the obstacles. You’ll manage. This is particularly true for those born in December. The other Capricorns experienced it more in 2010 or 2009.

2012 Zodiac Signs Prediction

Your Zodiac sign, also called your star sign, is simply the position of the sun in your horoscope at the moment of your birth. The complete horoscope includes the planets, the astrological Houses, and the aspects between planets. That’s a whole lot more.

Therefore, 2012 predictions based only on your Zodiac star sign can’t be very precise. Still, they give some general clues, since the sun is almost as important in the horoscope as it is in the sky above us.

It shows your situation and sentiment when you’re not involved in other things, for example when you rest or are unoccupied by something special.

A 2012 astrological prediction based only on what Zodiac sign your sun occupies can only be vague and incomplete. It may also be completely wrong, if other ingredients in your horoscope contradict it.

For a full bodied and complete 2012 horoscope taking all horoscope ingredients into account, see my reading of the 2012 World horoscope here.

Anyway, for your amusement – above are a few words about what the year might hold for you who are Capricorn, based only on your star sign. Take it for what it is.

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