Cancer 2016 Horoscope

Cancer 2016 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Cancer Zodiac Sign 2016


Cancer’s 2016 is not going to be that eventful, because no major planet visits the sign during this year. But there is a slight complication at the start, when MC in Cancer is in opposition to the sun in Capricorn.

MC (Medium Coeli) is always in Cancer of the New Year horoscope, as long as we stick to the present calendar. That in itself means every Cancer feels quite in tune with how society as a whole would like to see itself.

You can say that society wants to be like the typical Cancer traits – caring, protective and benevolent. It’s far from always the case, but that is where society as a whole wants to go, or at least wants to regard itself as heading for.

It’s complicated.

The Direction of Society

The sun’s position in the New Year horoscope is also a returning feature, never differing more than a degree from year to year, and usually less. So, its opposition aspect (180°) to MC happens just about every year.

It has been more dramatic in the past few years, when Pluto was in conjunction with the sun, adding a lot of drama to the constellation. Then main events happened contrary to Cancer’s wishes and completely independent of Cancer’s efforts.

In 2016, though, the sun is alone in opposing MC. So, it would mean very little if Cancer was not void of planets at the time. But when very little happens, even that becomes important.

And because it is in the New Year horoscope, Cancer will feel the influence of this aspect all through 2016. Beyond this year, too, until something more significant happens – like a major planet entering Cancer.

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The influence is rather vague. Cancer is continuously estranged to what seems to be the sign of the times. Society is in the process of reconstructing itself, and Cancer is not completely cool with the direction it is heading. Too much materialism, and too little concern for human values and compassion.

And Cancer is the first one to see through the hypocrisy of society, when it boasts about guarding Cancer values while often doing the exact opposite.

So, every Cancer has a gnawing sense of unease regarding the development of society. But they just have to live with.

Solace of the Moon

Apart from this unease, Cancer has little to expect from 2016. The only visitors to the sign are the sun and its close companions Mercury and Venus, since they tour the whole Zodiac every year.

That also makes them rather unimportant in the big scheme of things. They affect moods, but hardly more than that. Their influence doesn’t reach beyond the time the planets stay in the sign.

The sun makes practically no difference on its own. It sort of just is, in all its splendor.

Well, there is also the moon, passing Cancer each month. It is the ruler of the sign, but its quick orbit can’t make its appearance cause more than a mood change that passes within a couple of days.

The Moon in Cancer

The moon in cancer, bringing solace.

Still, for Cancer these recurring mood swings are vitamins, reminding every Cancer about the fundamental importance of the emotions and caring about them.

Every Cancer is convinced that human beings are first and foremost emotional creatures, and the monthly returns of the moon bring a strong sense of confirmation of it. Every time.

That also works as renewed solace, no matter how hard the times may be.

Venusian Pleasure

As for the minor annual planets, Venus enters Cancer on the 18th of June 2016 and stays until July 22. Venus is said to exalt in Cancer, so it is not unimportant, albeit no sensation on its own. But every Cancer will feel it.

Under the influence of Venus, things get more pleasant and easy to deal with. It is also an inspiring time, when Cancer wants to experience new sensations or revisit old ones. A feel-good period with delightful everyday events.

On the 5th of July, the moon passes over Venus, which should be an extra kick for every Cancer. A sweet day, giving a lasting pleasant feeling.

Fun with Mercury

Mercury, the other companion to the sun, arrives to Cancer on the last day of June 2016, and remains in the sign until July 14th. That’s just two weeks, but it doesn’t matter much since Mercury’s influence on Cancer is limited.

It causes some lighthearted entertainment among family, friends and other acquaintances. Talking, joking, having a good time, but nothing serious or memorable.

On the 7th of July, though, Mercury forms a conjunction with the sun. That is sure to make a mark. A truly joyous day, especially for those born on it. They will have tremendous fun on their birthday. But also those born around that date will feel it strongly.

It is stimulating, especially for the mind, and for having a good time in the company of others.

But none of it is material for an autobiography. For a diary, maybe.

More in Your Personal Horoscope

Apart from the above, nothing much happens in Cancer’s life 2016. But observe that this is just generally about people born in the Cancer Zodiac sign.

Your personal horoscope chart contains all signs and all the planets. That gives room for a lot of more, since planets in transit are sure to bump into some of your native planets and other horoscope point during the year.

But to examine the astrology of that, you have to check your complete birth chart.

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