Cancer 2015 Horoscope

Cancer 2015 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Cancer Zodiac Sign 2015


There is not that much of excitement for Cancer to expect in 2015. The sign is void of planets in the New Year horoscope, and no important ones will enter Cancer until the year 2025…

That’s when Jupiter returns to Cancer. Both 2013 and 2014, Jupiter was in Cancer, bringing lots of opportunities and fortunate events. But it takes twelve years to return.

Big News Far Off for Cancer

The other outer planets are even slower than that. Uranus enters Cancer in the summer of 2033, and so does Saturn. That will be a very inspirational and rewarding time for Cancer – but alas, still so far away.

Neptune enters Cancer in 2065, to stay there for almost 15 years, and Pluto in Cancer we have to wait for until the year 2158.

Of course that doesn’t mean nothing happens to Cancer for all these years. The inner planets and Mars can also create events, albeit not that sensational ones.

Personal Experiences Differ

Most importantly: each Cancer’s personal horoscope chart, where all the planets are included, can very well have aspects (certain angles) between those and even the outer planets as they move across the sky.

A personal and precise horoscope has to be based on the personal birth chart, instead of just the sun sign. For more about the complete personal horoscope, please go here:

So, it must be understood that the predictions below are just what can generally be said for all people born in the Cancer Zodiac sign. What they have in common. Keep it in mind when you read the following, or any other sun sign based horoscope.

Cancer Is What We All Feel We Are

But Cancer is not excluded from the big picture. The world horoscope for 2015 (and every year, until we change calendar) is based on New Year GMT, and that puts MC in Cancer – every New Year.

MC is the point of the horoscope describing self-awareness. So, just about all of us in this civilization feel like Cancer – caring in the traditional motherly fashion. Therefore it is easy for everyone with the Cancer sun sign to feel that they are exactly as we all should be, as we all would like to see ourselves.

That’s not bad.

Society Is Heading another Way

But this MC is at an opposition aspect (180°) to the sun and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn, in the 2015 world horoscope, as well as those of 2012 to 2014.

That means society tends to develop in a direction Cancer is opposed to. Cancer feels that important values are getting neglected in society, and that the world would be so much better if those who are behind the big changes would listen to Cancer’s opinion and advice. Unfortunately, they rarely do. They don’t even seem to understand the Cancer perspective.

The 2015 World Horoscope

The complete 2015 world horoscope chart, based on Greenwich at New Year 2015. Click on it for a bigger image. Click this link to read more about:

The 2015 World Horoscope

On a personal level, the opposition to the sun and Pluto means that just about any big changes in Cancer’s surroundings tend to neglect the basic needs for care and concern. Society may advance and accomplish impressive feats, but it also hardens, forgetting human needs in the process.

Cancer can see this happen to some extent in the near vicinity, even in the daily social life.

Justice vs. Compassion

There are other things that Cancer objects to in our modern civilization. A square aspect (90°) to the Ascendant in Libra of the world horoscope shows that the general attitude of society in this era (until we change calendar) is one of sticking to principles of right and wrong, going the straight and narrow. At least, that’s what our society seems to be doing and pretends to be doing.

To Cancer, that’s shortsighted – and again neglecting the soft human values. Forgiving is so much more important than judging, nourishing more important than punishing. The Libra mentality may be fair, but also a bit blind to the simple fact that we are all human.

That’s something Cancer is very well aware of, regarding mankind as more or less forever children, in need of care. Ethics and justice are not complete without that consideration.

Not All Changes Are Good

MC of the 2015 world horoscope also has a square aspect to Uranus in Aries. The aspect appeared in 2013 and will dissolve in 2015, but its influence remains to some extent the whole year.

Uranus in Aries inspires new bold thoughts about reality and how to relate to just about every aspect of it. Knowledge is transformed, old ideas are thrown out, and surprising innovations appear – forcing big changes on routines that were previously regarded as fixed forever.

Also in this process, Cancer feels that important values – and basic truths about human existence – are forgotten. Not every change is for the better, no matter how attractive it seems at the moment.

Cancer would prefer more care in the reforms and more concern about their potential effects for the people having to live in the quickly approaching future.

Knowledge can be cold, ideas can be careless. Cancer makes sure to remind others of this at every opportunity. And they listen – sometimes.

That’s also true for Cancer’s private life among friends, co-workers and family. They all seem at times to be far too eager to adapt new perspectives, forgetting the values of the old ones.

Sweet Dreams for Cancer

There is one more outer planet in aspect to the Cancer sign in the 2015 New Year horoscope: Neptune in Pisces. It is in the beginning of that sign, so its influence is particularly strong for Cancers born in June.

Neptune entered Pisces in 2012 and will not leave that Zodiac sign until the year 2027. All through that period, Cancer is inspired by its influence – so there is some lasting good news for Cancer.

Each Cancer will feel it the strongest when Neptune is the closest to the position in Pisces matching the position of the sun in their personal horoscope. For those born in June, it is approximately in the period 2012-2016, for Cancers born in early July it’s 2017-2021, and for those born in mid-July it’s 2022-2027.

Neptune is about dreams and fantasy. In Pisces it inspires the imagination to explore questions about what’s real and not, what to believe, and what we can learn from fantasies and dreams. It opens the mind to perspectives that are far from scientific but still somehow rewarding. The occult is there, even more so myth and legend.

Art will be particularly influenced by this, and so will people’s preferences when it comes to the arts. Music is in the center, but drama and movies are nearby. Imagery more than letters, the vague more than the precise, but it is a great mixture of it all. An interest in what might be, or even what cannot be.

Cancer is particularly stimulated by this, since it recognizes and nourishes the non-rational nature of the human mind. To Cancer, art should be about what we feel more than what we know. That’s certainly the case with Neptune in Pisces. It’s even about what we long to feel.

Spectacular January for Cancer 2015

Above, I have talked about the effects of the slow outer planets, which have big and lasting effects. That makes them major, in an astrological perspective. But during a year, also the minor planets have effects on life and events.

Mars is the most important of them, since it moves the slowest. It takes about a year and a half to pass through the Zodiac. In the 2015 New Year horoscope, it is in Aquarius. That has little effect on Cancer, since the two signs lack an aspect connecting them (if only the traditional five aspects are considered).

But soon in 2015, already in mid-January, Mars enters Pisces, which is in trine (120°) to Cancer – and forming a conjunction with the above mentioned Neptune.

That means the second half of January will be full of activities stimulating the fantasy and enriching the dreams – not just for Cancer, but it’s particularly enjoyable and intense for Cancer. Every Cancer (especially those born in June) will be very actively participating.

Some Compromises for Cancer

In mid-March 2015, Mars reaches Uranus in Aries, also mentioned above. For Cancer it will lead to complications and conflicts regarding reforms and renewals that Cancer feels reluctant to accept.

It is constructive, but not without some trouble and complications. Cancer will have to make some costly compromises. This is mostly true for those Cancers born in early July.

At about the same time Venus passes over Uranus, easing the transition through these changes somewhat and helping to find solutions.

An Active Cancer Summer 2015

By the end of June 2015, Mars enters the Cancer Zodiac sign, leaving it in mid-August. In this period, Cancer will be invigorated and much more active than usual. It will be good, getting a lot of things done and solving several complicated issues. Cancer will feel very pleased with the outcome.

Mars in Cancer.
Mars enters the Cancer Zodiac sign in the summer of 2015.

What Doesn’t Matter Much

The sun, Mercury and Venus all travel through the whole Zodiac in a year. Since they are (seen from Earth) never that far apart, their voyage through the Zodiac is pretty much the same every year, so I don’t bother to analyze the details here.

The moon is the quickest of all, passing through each Zodiac sign once every month. Astrologically, that means little more than mood swings that last no more than a day or so.

The Arts Comfort Cancer in 2015

Summing 2015 up, it’s not a year with events that rock Cancer’s world, but there are some good things happening on a lower scale. Although society seems to be heading in a flawed direction, there is great comfort in the arts. And the dreams are intriguing.

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