Aquarius 2016 Horoscope

Aquarius 2016 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Aquarius Zodiac Sign 2016


Unfortunately, 2016 is not a very interesting year for Aquarius. That is because the Zodiac sign is void of major planets – until November, when Mars enters and causes some calamity for the rest of the year.

Of course, this is only true for Aquarius in general. In your complete personal horoscope chart, every Zodiac sign and every planet counts. That leads to lots of opportunities for remarkable events in 2016. You have to check your birth chart to see that.

For Aquarius in general, though, 2016 will be rather uneventful – except for the last two months of it.

Minor Planets Do Next to Nothing

The minor planets Mercury and Venus pass through Aquarius in 2016, as they do every year. This year it happens in February and March. For Venus it happens again in December. But they are of very little significance on their own.

Only if they would form conjunctions with one another or with other planets while they are in Aquarius, would their influence be worth mentioning in the 2016 horoscope for this Zodiac sign. They don’t.

Calamity Late in the Year

So, Aquarius has to wait until the 9th of November 2016 for some action. That’s when Mars enters the sign. And on December 19, Mars exits Aquarius, whereby things go back to normal until the end of the year.

Mars in Aquarius 2016.
The planet Mars enters Aquarius in November 2016, causing some unwelcome calamity.

Mars is raw power of activity, causing sudden changes and challenges. It has the ability to destroy as well as to construct, and it can be noisy about it.

This planetary power is not really Aquarius’ cup of tea, so to speak. It rules by impulse instead of contemplation, and it seeks challenge instead of mutual understanding.

That’s not what Aquarius relates to, at all.

Frustrating for Aquarius

So, when Mars is in Aquarius, everyone born in this sign will be somewhat frustrated at the tempo by which events evolve, as well as the conflicts introduced.

This Aquarian reluctance is true although some of these changes, maybe even all of them, benefit Aquarius in one way or other.

Aquarius can accept the results but not this rowdy way to reach them. There should always be a more peaceful solution to be found.

But this is how it is, so Aquarius just has to live with it.

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Because of Aquarius’ nature, most of the trouble is of intellectual kind – disputes, disagreements, and so on. It is a battle of minds more than of bodies.

And of course, Aquarius would not be Aquarius if this calamity did not anyway give opportunity to learn something and come out of it wiser. That’s comforting.

Also, considering how dull the year is up to then, even unwanted complications can be welcome.

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