Virgo Horoscope for 08-Jul-2018


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So if you’re a star sign Virgo this week…

First of all something that will be happening around Friday the 13th, whew spooky right?

Is going to be a new moon in cancer. And so this is this will be a strong new moon because the moon rules cancer. But it’s also a very strong new moon and a dynamic one even more so than normal because the new moon is going to actually be a partial solar eclipse which is when you have the Sun and then the moon comes and it partially obstructs the view of the Sun during the day. And so this creates kind of a more electric dynamic energy of the new moon. And so, a new moon represents new beginnings and so these new beginnings will likely be… It’ll be more of like a watershed you know, like it’ll be sudden. You can kind of make it akin to Uranus or Pluto’s energy. And speaking of Pluto, this new moon or partial solar eclipse is going to be in exact opposition within one degree of Pluto in Capricorn. And so this destructive energy that will destroy anything that’s old and anything that’s unneeded will be the hallmark of this new moon and of this solar eclipse.

Now for you specifically, Venus is going to introduce, enter your sign a few days before and it’s going to form a grand trine between the earth signs involving Saturn and Capricorn in its Sun Sign, Uranus and Taurus and then Venus in Virgo your sign. And so this is going to help you kind of perhaps maybe come to a sense of balance and harmony between like creativity and structure or newness and you know, the new and the old and it’s going to help you bridge gaps. And it’ll be extremely dynamic for you because this will be happening during the partial solar eclipse. So, perhaps maybe there’s a problem with your work or with your own health that you haven’t been able to solve or you know a problem in your relationships to your family, your relationships to your home and then all of a sudden a breakthrough comes through. And so maybe I’d look out for insights into financial or health situations and also look for any illnesses that arise as a result of tension that lies within your heart or within your mind, as those things do happen and they help us look at perhaps how we need to work better to resolve tensions in our lives and may or maybe we need to stick up more for ourselves. Those illnesses they sit us down and they force us to look at those things.

So in any case, those are the energies that you can look forward to this week. And if you’d like to learn something more personal or in-depth, just click on the button below and I’ll be here waiting for you.


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