Taurus Horoscope for 10-Jun-2018


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So, if you’re a star sign Taurus this week, the very beginning of the week you have a conjunct with the ruler of your sign, Venus, and Mercury.

So, you’re likely to feel very mentally in tune with things. Like, you’re in step, you know. Perhaps maybe a little mentally quick. Perhaps a little too quick, as Mercury can kind of overload us sometimes, but that’s okay because you can use that energy to your advantage to put whatever new things you wanna start in for the new moon that’s happening on Wednesday in Gemini, which rules, or which is ruled by Mercury.

Perhaps this new beginning, because if you’ve been following the videos, then you know that a new moon is about newness, it’s about a refresh, a new start, a new way forward.

You know, it’s new, it’s in the name. Perhaps it’ll have something to do with younger people or children because Gemini is the sign of playfulness and experimentation, and those are qualitative signs of youth, and of children, and of just people that have a zest for life.

And, it’s a lot of mental energy, too.

So, you’re likely to feel, or you’re likely to start off on something new, or maybe you’re just gonna have a new mindset about things, a more cheery mindset. And, that’s great, and that’ll be further reinforced by Venus moving into Leo the day after on Thursday.

So, your personality may get this proud, fiery sense of accomplishment, and individuality, and self confidence, and expression. And, use that to your advantage in doing whatever it is you wanna do.

There is gonna be a challenging aspect from Uranus the day after Venus moves into Taurus, and that, perhaps, may make you reconsider the new direction you’re going in because Uranus is also about newness, but it’s a little more jarring than like Venus, or, I mean, excuse me, Gemini or Mercury.

So, perhaps you may reconsider, I don’t know if I wanna go in this new direction, but it’ll bring in something new and Uranus is there to break old patterns to restructure new ones, so just cooperate with it, and you’ll find something worthwhile. Now, that’s pretty much all I can say for this week.

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