Scorpio Horoscope for 08-Jul-2018


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So if you’re a star sign Scorpio this week, something that’s gonna be of importance not only to you, but to everyone in the zodiac, is going to be a new moon.

And it’s going to be happening in Cancer, which the moon rules, so it will be a stronger new moon than normal.

But it will also be a partial solar eclipse, which means that here’s the sun during the day, and the moon will cross its path, and partially block out the sun’s light. This will create a more dynamic, break-through energy.

But in addition to that, there’s also going to be in exact opposition, within one degree, of Pluto in Capricorn to the new moon in Cancer. Pluto has an affinity, or in a sense, is the more modern ruler of your sign, but I don’t use it a lot because in terms of how it affects our personalities, it’s very subliminal. Mars is usually the ruler I talk about in reference to your star sign.

But, Pluto does have its influence, and particularly this will affect you, because perhaps you will feel estranged from who you are and who you feel you are. And perhaps you may act in a way that seems antithetical to what you think of yourself. And this could be good or bad. It could mean that you do something terrible, that you’re like, I didn’t, how, how, I didn’t realize I had the capacity to do that.

So it will give you an awareness of your own shadow, which everyone has. I’m not saying you’re going to go on a killing spree or anything. Obviously, this is, you know. It just means that you’re perhaps going to understand a part of yourself, whether positive or negative, that you did not realize that was there. Because the opposition aspect usually means that things happen external to us, but because Pluto in a sense rules your sign, and the sun and the moon represent who we are and who we feel like we are, this opposition is going to say, okay, you’re going to do something that is antithetical to what you think you can do.

So look out for that as this week goes on. This is going to be likely a watershed moment in everyone’s life, but especially in yours with Pluto being in that opposition to the solar eclipse. Just watch out for that, and accept it when it breaks your court, and learn from it. If you’d like to learn something more in-depth or personal about this, just click on the button below, and I’ll be here waiting for you.


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