Pisces Horoscope for 10-Jun-2018


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If you’re a Star Sign Pisces this week, first of all there is going to be a new moon in Gemini on Wednesday. For you and for everyone else in this zodiac, this is a time of new beginnings, of new possibilities, opportunities, new mindsets, and a fresh start in general.

This is likely to manifest in your own mind, so it may be that to just give you an example there’s this book that you’ve been wanting to read, and you’ve been puttin’ it off just because you haven’t had the energy, time, or just the desire to.

Then all of a sudden you decide, I’ve got some free time. I’m really interested. I really want to know what this book’s about. So you start reading it, and you just read more and more. That’s kind of to give you an idea of what that new moon energy’s going to be like from Gemini.

Now this is likely to perhaps be a little emotionally, what would you say? A little emotionally tense because perhaps you may be getting a little too much mental energy. This will be shown by the aspect of your ruler, which is in your own sign, Neptune and Pisces; and it’s going to be making a square aspect to the moon.

This is gonna be happening on the same day of the new moon. This is likely to maybe your intuition gets overactive, or maybe it messes with your sense of stability and your sense of safety. But with the new moon coming just after that square aspect, it’s likely to show you new direction; and that newness is perhaps gonna give a sense of calm and a sense of instability’s okay sometimes.

Because through change, which is instability because if anything’s changing it’s not stable, then something new and something exciting and better can come out of it. Even if you can’t see exactly what is going to happen yet, it’s just the possibility of that opportunity which can excite you.

I encourage you to just for the middle of this week perhaps if you’re feeling uncertain about things, throw caution to the wind.

Just accept, hey, there’s something new coming along, and it’s gonna be great. That’s pretty much all I can say for this week.

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