Pisces Horoscope for 08-Jul-2018


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So if you’re a star sign Pisces, something that’s of importance that’ll be happening not only for you, but for everyone in the Zodiac, is the new moon in Cancer.

And this is gonna be an extremely strong new moon for three reasons.

First of all, new moon in Cancer, the moon rules Cancer, so that moon lunar energy will be stronger than normal.

Then this is also a partial solar eclipse which means that the moon, if you’re in a time where this happens during the day, will partially cover the sun’s light. And so this creates a dynamic more of a watershed moment not only for the world but also for people, you know, individual people like yourself.

But then on top of that there’s gonna be an exact opposition from Pluto and Capricorn to this new moon partial solar eclipse in Cancer. And so this is gonna a very dynamic and potentially destructive, at least, maybe in the global sense, but also in a personal sense, energy and watershed moment in your life. Now that’s not to say that something terrible is gonna happen, but, Pluto, one thing about the destruction of Pluto is that that destruction can destroy things that impede the flow of creative energy and impede the flow of healing energy and impede the flow of, you know, just life itself, and so it can heal things and make things right again.

Like for instance, if you have writer’s block, Pluto would destroy the block to your writing, you know, capabilities, and then you’d be able to, you know, write in a flowing, creative sense, and you wouldn’t have any trouble. And that’s just, obviously, one example, it can happen in any area of your life and as a star sign Pisces it’s likely going to happen in terms of your own sense of identity and your own sense of how you relate to the world at large because Pisces, you’re generally, in a sense, very connected to the broader scope of things and that can manifest as intuition, it can also manifest as fantasy and daydream, but, either way, there’s going to be this shift in your… In perhaps your intuitional understanding of things.

And it may feel destructive and very negative at first, but, just remember that, anything like that is always an opportunity for new insight, and creativity, and life to flow through the area in which that thing that was destroyed use… Where it used to be, because it’s likely blocking something that you need or want.

So that’s what you have to look forward to this week, if you’d like to learn more, just click on the button below, and I’ll be here waiting for you.


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