Libra Horoscope for 10-Jun-2018


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So if you’re a star sign Libra this week, first of all, there’s a new moon going on in a fellow air sign, Gemini. And Gemini represents experimentation, playfulness, intellectual curiosity, and excitement.

And it also represents relationships on a certain level, a relationship of opposites, specifically. And just with Gemini, with you, and with all other zodiac signs, this is a time for new beginnings, fresh starts, new perspectives on things, changes in scenery, or changes in relationships, or a new project to work on, or just something new, because it’s in the name, new moon.

So this is gonna be a mental energy, because, Mercury is ruled by Gemini, and so this is probably going to be maybe a new relationship that excites an intellectual curiosity, or maybe it’s going to be a new, it can even involve children.

Perhaps a child comes into your life through one of your friends or a family member. And because playfulness, curiosity, intellectual exploration, that’s the domain of childhood.

Now, in addition to that, your ruler, Venus, is going to move into Leo the day after. So you’re likely, because after this new mental spark that kind of perks you up a little bit and makes you more curious about the world, you’ll likely be especially more bold and exploring new things, because Leo’s a fire sign, and it’s also a very proud and individualistic sign.

So you’re likely to feel very proud and generous in your relationships. And there’s likely to be a lot of growth that’s gonna come from that, and a lot of new possibilities that you’ll see from that. So that’s mostly what’s going on this week for you.

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