Leo Horoscope for 03-Jun-2018


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So if you’re a star sign Leo, this week the ruler of your sign, the sun, is in Gemini so you likely feel more mentally active. There’s also gonna be a conjunction, which is when the planets line up, with Mercury in it’s own sign, a Gemini.

So, this mental energy is likely to hit a peak at the middle of the week, and it’d be a good time to try out new things, to experiment at least maybe internally, but if you’re doing something on a job, or something peaks your curiosity, I totally recommend for you to go after that.

Then later in the week you’re gonna have admittedly some challenging aspects going on. One of them is, well actually you’re gonna have a lot between three of the outer planets, Saturn, ope excuse me, I’m looking at the wrong one.

Woops. Let’s see, the main one, and really the only one that’s gonna be a big challenge for you is going to be the sun squaring Neptune and Pisces. And Neptune rules Pisces, and so it is very, very strong, and perhaps you’ll likely lose the sense of who you are. And you’ll be maybe a little lost as far as what direction you wanna go in your life and in your expression of yourself.

But perhaps what I would recommend during the mid late week after that peaking of curiosity and playful, excitable energy, mental energy, is to reflect. Reflect on anything that may have happened. Reflect on anything new that you’ve uncovered.

And perhaps this square to Neptune is dissolving those old preoccupations, and with all that mental energy and all that new discovery that you had, this can help you realize that you aren’t as stuck in your interests or your focus as you may think you always are. So take some time to reflect and take some time to really think how you want to change, in a way.

And being out in nature, doing something for the sake of doing it for others and not expecting anything. Those are good ways to deal with Neptunian energy. Because Neptunian energy is ultimately the energy of the soul and of compassion. So that’s all I have to say for your sign this week.

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