Capricorn Horoscope for 10-Jun-2018


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So if you’re a star sign Capricorn this week. There’s gonna be a new moon on Wednesday in Gemini.

And for you and for everyone else this is a time of new beginnings.

It’s a fresh start.

And it being in Gemini which is an air sign and a particularly intellectually curious excitable and experimental sign is likely to spark your curiosity again.

Perhaps you are coming up with new ways to go about the business you do or new ways to approach work or to approach your relationships with your family, friends, intimate partners, children.

Any or all of the above. Perhaps you’ll feel more in line with younger people. And with people with more intellectual excitement as and especially children. As Gemini and children have this strange connection.

Because the qualities of Gemini are in a sense the domain of children. So this is likely to be a mental fresh start.

Whether it’s just a new perspective on things or perhaps new relationships or you know new ideas for projects for things to start in your life. Now in addition to that the ruler of your sign, Saturn, is going to experience two aspects of importance this week.

One of them is that there’s gonna be an opposition to the moon and the moon is going to be in Cancer because Saturn right now is in your own sign Capricorn. And so both of these planets are gonna be really strong.

And they’re going to express their very typical expressions or qualities. And so there’s likely to be this sense that maybe other perceive you as maybe too cold or maybe too strict or you know too too rigid.

And you know maybe perhaps they are being over-reactive. Or they’re not thinking clearly enough. But maybe at the same time they may have some points.

Maybe perhaps you need to lighten up a little bit. As this new moon in Gemini will encourage you to do if you recognize that impulse.

In addition to that there’s gonna be an opposition from Mercury. And so perhaps since Mercury is the ruler of the sign in which the new moon is happening Gemini.

Then perhaps this new mental direction may go against your personality. But it’s that’s okay. I know it may feel uncomfortable. But that’s a part of growing and learning new things about yourself.

Because if you’re comfortable all the time you’re never changing. And change is inevitable.

So it’s a good thing to go out and explore. At least when it comes to just seeing things in a new way. So anyways. That’s all I can say for this week.

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