Cancer Horoscope for 08-Jul-2018


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So if you’re a star sign Cancer, boy is this a big week for you because not only is there a new moon at the end of the week in your sign in which the moon rules but also it is a partial solar eclipse which is a pretty big happening.

They happen, you know, it’s not like it’s once in 1000 years or anything but when they do happen in our own sign they are of particular importance because those energies are very… It’s a newness to the new moon that is more shocking than normal. And then in addition to that shocking, you know, just, like, break through energy is going to be aggravated and further enhanced by an opposition within one degree so it’s technically exact from Pluto and Capricorn. And Pluto, if you’ve been watching or if you know anything about astrology Pluto is the planet of death it’s the planet of the hidden world it’s the planet of…

It’s the planet of destruction but that can also be a good thing because it can destroy things that shouldn’t be there, and, you know, perhaps, to give a simple example, you have writer’s block, Pluto would destroy the writer’s block and let the intuition and let the ideas flow so that you can write what you need to write. But this can apply across any situation whether it’s mental, emotional, or physical, and as an opposition usually manifests itself in the outside world or things that aren’t you it could be a revelation in your relationship to you know, your parents, or your father, or it could be a revelation between you and, you know, the world at large, you know, or what you perceive as authority, and structure, and hierarchy, because Capricorn rules all those things. And this is also the beginning of a yearly cycle for you, so, this is likely gonna be…

This next year is extremely important as it will mark a new era in your life and that could… That era could last for the rest of your life or it could just last for a few years, but either way, in retrospect, you’ll look back, and see how important this is, so, anything that you decide to begin and anything you decide to get rid of to make way for new associations and a new perception on life they are all going to have a lifelong impact, so, no pressure, you know, but just, whatever happens, let it break your court and accept it, and work with it as best you can, because that is the best life advice I could give generally in any situation, and in this situation, it applies as well.

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