Cancer Horoscope for 03-Jun-2018


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If you’re a star sign Cancer this week, basically, we’re going to have a lot of activity with your ruler the Moon, as we always do. But some notable ones I wanna point out are that at the beginning of the week, the Moon is going to be in square to Jupiter.

And Jupiter’s the planet of expansion and good luck, fortune and benevolence, and higher ideals and all of that.

Perhaps you’re gonna feel maybe mentally agitated because the Moon’s gonna be in Aquarius, and an air sign is a mental sign.

So, perhaps future plans and your feelings about the future are going to feel at odds with the sense of luck you’re having right now. Maybe you’ll have a little bad luck. That’s okay, that won’t last for long. Then later this week, you’re going to have a very, very dynamic aspect. You’re going to conjunct Uranus and this happens every month.

So, it’s likely not going to be anything huge, per se. This Uranian energy, it is an electrical energy. It shocks, it disrupts. But not in the way that Neptune does where it just dissolves everything. It breaks in and creates space for something new.

Shattering energy is a way I would put it. So perhaps, maybe, and this will be at the very end of the week. Maybe perhaps leading up to that you’ll feel this restlessness build at the very end of the week and then maybe you will have some sort of emotional outpour.

Or, maybe there will be a circumstance in which something in your life will end and maybe it’ll be bewildering at first. Uranus breaks up old things in order to let in new opportunities.

It doesn’t work with our permission, so the best thing we can do is just to work with it. Perhaps, something just a little disrupting will happen at the end of the week, but this’ll be a chance for you to review new ways to go and new ways to grow. That’s all I can say for your sign this week.

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