Aquarius Horoscope for 17-Jun-2018


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So if you’re a star sign Aquarius this week, the two aspects that will be occurring between the ruler of your sign, Uranus, and other planets are gonna be from the Sun and the Moon. And they’re both gonna happen at the very end of the week.

You’re going to give a supportive sextile to the Sun which will be entering Cancer just a few days before. And there’s also going to be an opposition from the Moon in Scorpio on that same day. Now what this means is that since there’s a sextile to the Sun and in opposition to the Moon, that means that using aspect math there’s going to be a trine between the Sun and the Moon. So although you may experience some inner conflict between who you think of, who you project yourself to be in the world, and who you really feel that you are. This is going to be lessened, this conflict, by this trine aspect from the Sun and the Moon.

So, the trine aspect between the Sun and the Moon means that there’s a natural ease between who you feel you are and who you project yourself to be. And so, perhaps this just may bring up some small aspect of yourself that perhaps you need to adjust a little bit to be more authentic to yourself. And this will also give you a good sense of creative energy and a good sense of confidence.

Because the Sun represents creativity, individuality, expression. It represents our way forward. And the path towards a rich and deep meaningful and fulfilling life.

So this is gonna happen at the end of the week, so just keep that in mind. And maybe there are gonna be some things that may lead up to that as the week goes on. And that’s all I can say for your sign this week.

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