What Medical Astrology Says About Your Zodiac Sign

Gemini governs speech, smell, and the lungs – all things dependent on the flow of air in breathing.

Therefore, a strong as well as a weakened Gemini tends to attract the common cold, whereas a weakened Gemini is also sensitive to flu and cough. Asthma and other complications of the breath and lungs are also connected to Gemini.

This Zodiac sign has some influence on the hands too, especially the fingers and how they work. That’s because they are also instruments of communication. Normally for Gemini, they are steady and agile, but shivering and fumbling under discomfort.

Gemini Strengths and Weaknesses

What is normally a forte in people born in your Zodiac sign can be a weakness when you are troubled. That depends on how much you live your life according to your sun sign traits and wishes.

Gemini is the impatient one, forever curious, wanting to amuse and expecting to be amused. In times of gloom and when having to wait for whatever, Gemini can get kind of spastic. Hands refusing to be still, breath quickened for no apparent reason, occasional hickups that don’t stop. Although normally an eloquent speaker, Gemini might start to stutter.

But as soon as the smile returns or the tempo is sped up again and Gemini gets on the move, the symptoms disappear.

Gemini can be sensitive to minor ailments, even imaginary ones, but they tend to go away as swiftly as they came. But if Gemini is displeased with life for a longer time, allergic reactions or even asthmatic symptoms may arrive, and the hands fail at things they usually manage skillfully. When bored or held back for a long time, the frustration makes Gemini’s mind slower than normal, forgetful and even at a lack of words – something normally never happening to Gemini.

The best cure for Gemini is amusements and entertainment, new impressions and a life with few pauses. To Gemini, stress is not as malignant as its opposite.

Your Decan of Gemini

Every Zodiac sign is divided into three parts of 10° (which equals ten days) each – the cardinal, fixed and mutable decan. Your Zodiac sign influence depends to some extent on which of the decans the sun was in at your birth.

For Gemini it is like this: those who were born in May belong to the first decan, those born in the beginning of June belong to the second, and those born in the middle of June the third decan.

Now, the first decan of Gemini mainly concerns the smell. People born with the sun in this decan have a good one, if not to say sensitive. When displeased, though, they lose some of it, or they find many smells to be unpleasant, as if the air got stale. They can also easily get their noses clogged although they don’t have a cold. When their mood lightens, the symptoms disappear without a trace.

The second decan relates mostly to the lungs. When feeling good, Gemini finds joy in such a simple thing as breathing. But when depressed, Gemini’s breathing gets strained, as if there is pressure on the chest. That tends to worry Gemini, which can make it worse. But it disappears when the mood changes, although it can take a little time.

The third decan is mainly connected to the voice and the speech. When Gemini is unhappy the voice reveals it. There is a strain to it, with sudden jumps of pitch, and there may be a stutter or a lack of words, otherwise most unusual to Gemini. After a long time of discomfort, Gemini may even turn silent, to everyone’s surprise. This increases Gemini’s frustration, and can worsen the mood considerably. What Gemini needs the most in such cases is simply to be cheered up.

Other Health Issues

Of course, whatever Zodiac sign you are, there are many different ailments and health issues that you can have to deal with. But to examine those in medical astrology, your sun sign is not enough. You need to look at your complete horoscope birth chart – maybe also transit aspects to it. For more about how to get that, please go here:

Your Own Horoscope

The Zodiac Man

The old tradition in medical astrology for the Zodiac signs is what is called The Zodiac Man or Astrological Man, where each body part is assigned a certain Zodiac sign – as can be seen on the Medieval illustration here. In my readings, I have altered some or added to it, but the usual division is:




neck, throat, ears


lungs, arms, fingers




heart, blood




hips, kidneys


genitals, rectum









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