What Medical Astrology Says About Your Zodiac Sign

Aquarius governs the arms and legs, and ones ability to move about in general.

A weakened Aquarius causes impaired movement, for example clumsiness, whereas a strengthened Aquarius gives stamina and elegance to the movements. The hands and feet are related to Aquarius, but they tend also to be influenced by some other signs, depending on the situation and ailment.

Aquarius Strengths and Weaknesses

What is normally a forte in people born in your Zodiac sign can be a weakness when you are troubled. That depends on how much you live your life according to your sun sign traits and wishes.

Aquarius wants to contemplate and learn. Teach, too. Life is a process towards greater understanding. So, mainly you get frustrated when your life doesn’t give enough room for intellectual pursuits, or if you are unable to adjust your life and habits to what you have found to be the best and most interesting for you.

When that happens, instead of moving gracefully as usual, you become clumsy. Your arms and legs may hurt, probably mostly to your limbs. Then you know that it’s time for you to do what you want and need to do. You have been neglecting yourself.

You may also suffer headaches in times of trouble, although the head is mainly an Aries thing. That’s because Aquarius is a mental being, and that is centered in the head. You are agile, but that does not mean you think life is physical in its true nature, nor do you care that much for your body as long as it serves you well enough.

Your Decan of Aquarius

Every Zodiac sign is divided into three parts of 10° (which equals ten days) each – the cardinal, fixed and mutable decan. Your Zodiac sign influence depends to some extent on which of the decans the sun was in at your birth.

For Aquarius it is like this: those who were born in January belong to the first decan, those born in the beginning of February belong to the second, and those born in the middle of February the third decan.

Now, the first decan of Aquarius concerns the arms in particular. Normally, they are strong and able, if you belong to this decan. You move them quite gracefully, too. But you can have trouble with your arms, when you have a bad day. Then they don’t do what you expect them to, and you can become clumsy. That happens mostly when you don’t live your life as you really wish to.

The second decan relates mostly to the legs. Usually, you can trust them to take you far, but when you have complications in your life they tend to make you stumble and the knees may hurt even at minor strain.

The third decan is connected to how you move your body generally. If this is your decan, you normally move gracefully and effortlessly, but in times of trouble you can suddenly be quite clumsy and awkward in your movements, much to your surprise.

Other Health Issues

Of course, whatever Zodiac sign you are, there are many different ailments and health issues that you can have to deal with. But to examine those in medical astrology, your sun sign is not enough. You need to look at your complete horoscope birth chart – maybe also transit aspects to it. For more about how to get that, please go here:

Your Own Horoscope

The Zodiac Man

The old tradition in medical astrology for the Zodiac signs is what is called The Zodiac Man or Astrological Man, where each body part is assigned a certain Zodiac sign – as can be seen on the Medieval illustration here. In my readings, I have altered some or added to it, but the usual division is:




neck, throat, ears


lungs, arms, fingers




heart, blood




hips, kidneys


genitals, rectum









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