Virgo Horoscope for 17-Jun-2018


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So if you’re a star sign Virgo this week, first of all the Sun’s gonna be moving into Cancer, which is in a support of sectile aspect to your sign.

So, you’re likely to feel a little less tension between different parts of yourself. Maybe more in harmony with the different aspects of who you are, the different roles you play in your life. And in addition to that, Mercury is gonna be experiencing some very, very positive aspects from Jupiter and Neptune.

And since Mercury is in Cancer, and Jupiter and Neptune are in other water signs, especially with Neptune being in Pisces, it’s own sign, you’re likely to feel a very strong sense of emotional well being. And at the same time, you may feel like you need more time alone and you may need to slow things down. But that’s good. You need to do that because this will be a very healing time. This is gonna come on Wednesday and Thursday.

Now, in addition to that, there’s gonna be an opposition from Pluto to the ruler of your sign, Mercury. And so this will manifest in your relationships with other people as perhaps there’s a situation that happens where a friend of yours or a stranger, or a family member, to put it generally and it’s not as dramatic maybe as I’m putting it, but they destroy an aspect of your life. Something happens where another person in your life changes the way you view things. Or they close out an option. Or maybe an old option finally dies off due to someone else’s actions.

And this is good because it’s gonna allow new energy to pour in.

Because Pluto is the planet of destruction, but it’s also the planet of regeneration. So something will grow out of that empty space that’s gonna be created from that opposition by Pluto. So, that’s what you have to look forward to this week.

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