Virgo Horoscope for 01-Jul-2018


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So, if you’re a star sign Virgo this week, Mercury is going to be in a very powerful aspect configuration that doesn’t happen often, and that aspect configuration is called the Finger of Yod or the Finger of God aspect.

The planets that are gonna be involved are gonna be Mercury, the ruler of your sign, and it’s gonna be in the central focus, and that’s gonna be in Leo, which represents expression and creativity and individuality.

It’s gonna be conjunct to the North node, which represents your way forward and aspects of yourself that you don’t realize you have that need to be expressed for the development of your potential. And the other two planets that are gonna be involved are the Moon in Pisces and Saturn in Capricorn. Now the Moon and Saturn both represent the past.

Mother, father, experiences, it also represents things that can hold you back, whether it’s mental or emotional patterns and habits and ruts that can really stunt your potential. And so this week, there’s likely to be a challenge from some aspect of your past, whether it’s a way of thinking, or a way of reacting to things emotionally, or your family, or just who you think you are.

It’s going to offer a challenge to your world view, and your sense of self, and you’re likely to feel, during this aspect configuration, which by the way, will happen near the middle of the week, will likely make you feel like things are- a part of you is like turning over, and this unknown part of you comes up and expresses itself, and at the same time this part of you that you were familiar with dies off.

Now of course it can happen in other ways too but that seems to be the energy that’s going to be occurring, not only for you, but for people that are born in Gemini, so if you know any Geminis this week, let them know, let them watch this video, or let them watch the Gemini video, and perhaps that will illuminate them on some powerful events that may be happening internally this week. So that’s pretty much all I have to say for your sign this week.

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