Taurus Horoscope for 01-Jul-2018

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So if you are a star sign Taurus this week, some of the main energies that will present themselves in your life this week will, of course, come through the ruler of your sign, Venus, and the aspects that Venus makes to other planets. Now the first one that’s gonna happen in this week, that is an aspect to Venus, it’s gonna happen at the very beginning of the week. And it’s going to be an opposition from the moon.

So perhaps your sense of beauty and your sense of harmony or the things that attract you are gonna feel out of step with perhaps your own emotions or perhaps other peoples’ emotions because the opposition can indicate the influence of another person. And so when two planets are opposed, likely the planet that is your planet, and the planet that opposes your planet, the planet that opposes your planet will work through another person, excuse me, got a little tongue-tied there.

Anyways, so this is likely to involve some conflict although it won’t be too major and perhaps it might even go unnoticed because when it’s with the moon perhaps it’ll be someone’s feelings being hurt, but them not telling you about it because the moon is passive and receptive, rather than brash and headstrong like Mars would be.

And then later this week, there’s also going to be a trine from the moon to Venus and so this will likely maybe smooth over those feelings that you hurt earlier in the week and can give you a sense of well-being, generally speaking, because trines and sextiles are the most harmonious aspects, and between the moon and Venus that shows that things that you attract and things that you desire and your inner emotions and the emotional environment that surrounds you is all very in tune and harmonious.

And that will give a great sense of well-being at the end of the week. So that’s what you have to look out for this week.

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