Scorpio Horoscope for 10-Jun-2018


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So, if you are a star sign Scorpio this week, first of all, for you and for all other zodiac star signs, there’s a new moon going on and for everyone that represents a kind of a small opportunity to recharge and refresh and take a new perspective on things, because it’s in the name, new moon, and so being that this is in an air sign, specifically Gemini, this new moon is likely to excite little bit of intellectual curiosity>

And perhaps there’s this book that you’ve been wanting to read that you haven’t had the energy or the time or the want to do it, and then finally you get that idea right in the middle of this week “Hey, I wanna read that book” so you read it, and I totally encourage you to do that.

Gemini, also, as far as people and relationships are concerned, it represents intellectual exchange and curiosity, experimentation, playfulness and so perhaps a child may come into your life because those qualities are the domain of childhood, or perhaps an opportunity for intellectual advancement, whether you’re going to school or you’ve been wanting to go to school.

That may happen, or perhaps you’ll just see things in a new light and you’ll have kind of a mental shift or a mental spark that kind of jump-starts your curiosity about the world in general, so it can manifest in any one of those ways.

Now, in addition to that, near the end of this week, Saturday specifically, there’s gonna be an opposition between the moon and the ruler of your sign, Mars.

Now, moon opposite Mars is a very explosive, stressful aspect and it’s usually some sort of interpersonal conflict because an opposition represents others, and so, likely you may be pursuing something that you’ve been wanting for a long time and maybe you’ve stepped on a few toes here and there as you’ve done it and so maybe there’s gonna be a fight.

Maybe something will happen and that other person in your mind will be seen, perhaps, as overly sensitive or just, well, why didn’t they say something, why did they just sit there, you know, but perhaps it’d be a good time for you to think, okay, maybe I was too brash. Maybe I was too harsh. Maybe I didn’t really consider how other people felt, and that’s what that aspect is for, is to help us become more aware of, perhaps, ways in which we get little too excited about things sometimes.

So just keep that in mind as the week goes on and if you’d like to learn more or get something more in depth and personal, just click on the button below and I’ll be here waiting for you, thanks.”

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