Scorpio Horoscope for 01-Jul-2018


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So if you’re a star sign Scorpio this week, some notable aspects that will be going on involving Mars, the ruler of your sign, are going to be an opposition, ‘scuse me, near late-mid this week with Mercury.

Now Mercury’s gonna be in Leo and your ruler is going to be in Aquarius and it’s also going to be retrograde, which is important because a retrograde planet usually means it’s inverted and perhaps its outward expression is awkward or clumsy or doesn’t come out right but the retrograde periods for the planets that rule our signs give us a time to look inward and reflect on things that are happening or that have happened before.

And it can be a lot of time of learning because we’re more inwardly focused rather than focusing on doing things and talking to people and worrying about other peoples’ situations and whatnot.

And so this opposition from Mercury and Leo’s likely to manifest itself as other people, perhaps having a striking wit and maybe you get into an argument with someone, maybe they get in your way to something that you wanna do, and then they come back with something that is like, “Whoa, okay, that’s witty,” because Mercury represents the mind and communication.

And in Leo, it’s fiery and expressive and it says what it wants and so this will create a sense of conflict between you and others. And maybe you’ll feel like you’re being outsmarted by other people on that day, but that’s okay, because just listen to how you feel inside. And the reason I say that is because there’s going to be a sextile on that day from the Moon to the ruler of your sign, Mercury, ‘scuse me, Mars.

I’m getting Mars and Mercury mixed up. And so this will give you positive communication between how you feel and perhaps using this knowledge of how you feel, you can express to other people how what they said made you feel and this will likely be further encouraged by the Moon being in Aries.

Just watch out for that as you go throughout this week. And if you’d like to learn more, just click on the button below, and I will be here waiting for you.”

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