Scorpio 2016 Horoscope

Scorpio 2016 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Scorpio Zodiac Sign 2016


A couple of days into 2016, the planet Mars enters the Scorpio Zodiac sign, causing calamity and excitement for every Scorpio. It comes and goes until August.

Mars travels rather quickly through the Scorpio sign. Already on the 6th of March 2016, it passes on to the next sign. But then it changes to retrograde movement (from the geocentric viewpoint) and reenters Scorpio on May 28.

This time around it stays in Scorpio until August 2, when it exits and doesn’t return until December 2017.

So, in 2016 Mars spends two periods of time in Scorpio. They are rather short, but influence Scorpio’s year more than any other planet does.

More Scary than Dangerous

Mars, named after the god of war, brings a lot of untamed energy. It causes both construction and destruction. Not a dull moment. There is trouble, but also solutions.

Mars makes things get done, albeit at the cost of hard work and a number of conflicts.

Scorpio prefers to let others live adventurous and exciting lives, with Scorpio as sort of an independent observer – sometimes also in a hidden way the instigator. But with Mars in the sign, you have to prepare to do your own battles.

You can do it, although it can be scary at times.

Mars in Scorpio.

Mars enters Scorpio in the beginning of 2016.

Mars in Scorpio is a bit scary – also to a Scorpio. But it is more of a bark than a bite. You will find that what scared you turned out not to be that much of a threat. It got your feelings going, but other than that you should be fine.

On the other hand, any Scorpio knows that feelings are powerful forces. So, they should be respected. Never ignored.

Because of Mars coming and going during 2016, the threat you experience in the beginning of the year seems to go away by itself in March. But it returns at the end of May and then you really have to deal with it.

Spring into action, face the problems and solve them. What you haven’t fixed by the beginning of August, you might have to live with for quite some time.

Not Much More Happening

The Mars passages are the most important and exciting things happening to Scorpio in 2016. Nothing else compares to it.

Of course, that’s for Scorpio in general. Your complete personal horoscope chart contains all the Zodiac signs and planets. So, for you personally much more is bound to happen and have significance for you. But for that you have to examine your own horoscope.

Generally speaking, the Mars events are the most significant things for Scorpio in 2016.

Enjoyment in the Fall

On September 23rd of 2016, Venus enters Scorpio. That brings some ease and enjoyment. It also stimulates creativity and a chance to satisfy what you lust for.

It is no major thing, since Venus returns to Scorpio every year. But it will make you feel good.

Venus leaves Scorpio in less than a month, on August 18th.

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Not long after that, on October 24th 2016, Mercury enters the Scorpio sign. That’s also a positive influence, albeit of minor importance.

Mercury stimulates all kinds of communication and intellectual activities. A lot of conversations with friends as well as strangers turn out to be both fun and learning experiences. You also manage to make people intrigued about you, and you just love that.

On October 27, Mercury forms a conjunction with the sun. That increases the Mercury influence quite a lot, for a day or two. You will really enjoy yourself, laugh out loud, and get the chance to make lasting impressions on others.

This is particularly true for people born on that date or the days around it. But every Scorpio will feel some of this effect.

Mercury leaves Scorpio on November 12, after a mere three weeks. But they will be weeks full of amusements, keeping your mood up for a little longer.

That’s about it for Scorpio in 2016 – generally speaking.

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