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2012 is a rather uneventful year for Scorpio. Most things seem to happen to others in the immediate neighborhood, but Scorpio is sort of left out. That’s because the Zodiac sign is void of planets in the 2012 New Year horoscope – but there are several planets in the signs close to Scorpio.

So, Scorpios will have the frustrating experience of exciting things going on close by, but not in their own lives.

There are additional letdowns in 2012 for Scorpio. Money is hard to make, although opportunities come. That’s because of the opposition aspect to Jupiter in Taurus. Profitable moments escape you, because you are occupied with other things or just find the opportunities unattractive.

Another complication is how you wrestle with trying to learn new things that seem to be essential in the future. You do learn them, but only by trying harder than you thought would be needed, and overcoming obstacles that just shouldn’t be there. But take comfort in the fact that lessons hard to learn are the ones learned the best and most profoundly.

There are also things working for you in 2012. Especially when it comes to your work. You are very productive and energetic, which is shown by the sextile aspect to Mars in Virgo. You get a lot of things done, simply because you are committed and your energy doesn’t fail you.

Most significantly, you are involved in significant changes to society around you, and you can feel that they work to your advantage. The world seems to be heading your way. That’s the sextile aspect to Pluto and the sun in Capricorn. They raise the hope that the future built at this point will suit you fine.

So, this year might not offer Scorpio much – except for a development that promises much for coming years.

About Zodiac Sign Prediction

Your Zodiac sign, also called your star sign, is simply the position of the sun in your horoscope at the moment of your birth. The complete horoscope includes the planets, the astrological Houses, and the aspects between planets. That’s a whole lot more.

Therefore, 2012 predictions based only on your Zodiac star sign can’t be very precise. Still, they give some general clues, since the sun is almost as important in the horoscope as it is in the sky above us.

It shows your situation and sentiment when you’re not involved in other things, for example when you rest or are unoccupied by something special.

A 2012 astrological prediction based only on what Zodiac sign your sun occupies can only be vague and incomplete. It may also be completely wrong, if other ingredients in your horoscope contradict it.

For a full bodied and complete 2012 horoscope taking all horoscope ingredients into account, see my reading of the 2012 World horoscope here.

Anyway, for your amusement – above are a few words about what the year might hold for you who are Scorpio, based only on your star sign. Take it for what it is.

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