Sagittarius Horoscope for 10-Jun-2018


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So, if you’re a star sign Sagittarius this week, for you and for all other signs in the Zodiac there is gonna be a new moon happening on Wednesday, and a new moon represents new possibilities, new opportunities, a fresh start, new relationships, new mindsets, it’s everything new, as in the name, new moon.

And so, you’re likely to feel intellectually stimulated as it being in an air sign, it’s going to be a mental shift and perhaps some mental opportunities, whether it’s just a change of pace or a change of perspective, or perhaps new relationships, whether it’s with children, because Gemini and children have this symbiotic connection, or it’s just people that are more playful and excite your intellectual curiosity and your capacity to learn and grow from that.

And so, that energy’s gonna be playing in everyone else and in your life, especially since Gemini is the sign opposite you. So, perhaps you may see those qualities in another person because the opposition represents other people and interpersonal relationships, but this opportunity is yours to take as well, and perhaps you can learn from other people who have that sense of adventure and excitement, at least in a mental sense.

Now, there are two aspects this week that are of importance that Jupiter, the ruler of your sign, is going to be a part of, and they both involve the moon, and one of them is an opposition and the other is a square, and the opposition begins at the start of the week and the square finishes off the end of the week.

And so at the beginning of the week perhaps your sense of, you know, your sense of expansion and freedom is likely to maybe step on a few people’s toes, or maybe, you know, or maybe you’ll feel kinda out of step with the things that you’re going after and you’re exploring but that’s okay, because maybe you can learn from that.

And then at the end of the week the square represents tension, but it also represents dynamic action and so perhaps there may be some disagreements emotionally between you and between other people who perhaps you may perceive as a little too prideful, but maybe you can learn to see how that sense of pride is just a part of their individuality and maybe you can see how perhaps you can integrate aspects of that into your own life because, you know, a little self-confidence never hurts anyone. So anyways, that’s all I can say for this week.

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