Sagittarius Horoscope for 01-Jul-2018

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So if you’re a star sign Sagittarius this week there is going to be one noticeable aspect that will be involving the rule of your sign Jupiter and that’s going to happen near the mid mid-late this week and it will be a trine with the sun now the sun is in Cancer right now and so this is going to be a water trine because Jupiter, as you know, has been in Scorpio for quite a while and it will continue to be until November this year and so this will likely give you a very a calm emotionally at peace sense of who you are you’ll likely feel very confident.

But not in a assertive way but more in just a passive understanding acceptance of who you are and this will be good coming away from the full moon that happened in Capricorn last week which was quite powerful as it involved Saturn in Capricorn as well.

Which is in its own sign so perhaps any troubles that you experienced during that full moon period is perhaps going to be mitigated at least in emotion by this aspect and in addition to that there’s going to be a square from the moon happening this week and I note this because the moon will be in Aquarius, and Aquarius and the moon actually have a certain synergy and I mean this in the sense that it gives the moon most powerful expression or the most spirit filled energy.

And so this will likely make you feel kind of, maybe unsettled, emotionally but it won’t be such a strong as it would be from a fire sign but rather it would be a clean unsettling it would be a it’ll give you an opportunity to perhaps detach yourself from things that have been bothering you.

So just watch out for those things and see how they enter your life as you go through out the week and if you’d like to learn more just click on the button below and I’ll be here waiting for you.


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