Pisces Horoscope for 17-Jun-2018


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So, if you’re a star sign Pisces this week there’s going to be two aspects of importance to the ruler of your sign, Neptune, which is in your own sign, Pisces. And the aspects are in opposition on Tuesday, from the moon, and a trine on Thursday from Mercury.

Now, the opposition from the moon indicates that there are perhaps qualities within yourself, or the perception of who you are inside yourself, is likely going to perhaps be at odds with how you project yourself. And this may involve other people pointing that out to you, maybe saying, “You’re not being as real as you could be.”

Or perhaps it’s just a totally internal conflict, maybe you’ll feel pulled in two different directions. But that’s okay because all aspects to the moon are very short lived because the moon moves so quickly throughout the Zodiac.

And on Thursday, the trine from Mercury is going to give you a sense of mental and emotional wellbeing, and it’s also going to give you a sense of clarity in terms of, this is who I really want to be and this is how I can achieve it. And using that energy from Mercury will give you the ability to enhance your awareness of the vision of the future that you want to create in your life. And it can also give you a sense of creative energy.

It may also encourage you to reflect and be a little more introverted than normal, but that’s okay, we all need those periods of rest and relaxation sometimes. So that’s all I can say for your sign this week.

If you’d like to learn more, something more personal or in depth, perhaps, just click on the button below and I’ll be here waiting for you, thanks.”

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