Pisces Horoscope for 03-Jun-2018


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So, if you’re a star sign Pisces this week, some of the main aspects that are going on with the two planetary rulers of your sign, Jupiter and Neptune.

I’ll start with Jupiter, is a square to the moon at the beginning of the week and then opposition to the moon at the very end of the week. And in addition, with Neptune, you’re gonna have Neptune squaring Mercury and the sun, near the middle of the week, and well, and that’s it for Neptune.

And Neptune, keep in mind, as I’ve been saying before, is in your own sign and so it’s in a very strong position and so this dreamy, perhaps in a negative sense, escapist energy and structure of how you think and how you go about the world is likely to be very strong and the impulse to daydream and also to create and to feel at one with everything you see is very strong.

And this is going to kind of interrupt these mental and egoic processes that are a part of our everyday lives, our sense of identity, who we are and then also how we communicate with others and how we communicate with the different parts of ourselves, how we’re thinking and how our minds are working.

The squares that Neptune are gonna provide to the sun and Mercury are gonna disrupt that and make that dreaminess really just like kind of get in the way of things that we’re trying to do and trying to accomplish, whether at home or at work or in relationships or just with our own self-improvement and growth.

But, it’s a good time to spend more time in quiet reflection and to perhaps just let it ride its course because it won’t last too long and in addition, the square in opposition from Jupiter to the moon is going to perhaps exacerbate that as this sense of luck and sense of expansive awareness is going to clash with your kind of inner self and your inner identity and your personal emotional wants and needs.

But just let it all ride out and you can learn a lot from the experience and you can get a lot of inspiration for new ways to give, and grow, and create, and learn, and cooperate with others. So that’s all I can say for this week.

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