Pisces 2015 Horoscope

Pisces 2015 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Pisces Zodiac Sign 2015


The main thing for Pisces in 2015 is that Neptune is in this Zodiac sign, as it has been since 2012 and will be until 2026. All this time will be marvelous to each Pisces.

Neptune is slow on its orbit around the sun, taking 165 years to go around the Zodiac. So, its period in Pisces is a rare one. Once Neptune leaves Pisces, it will take a century and a half before it returns.

That means there are generations of Pisces who never in their lives experience it. So be amazed.

Neptune in Pisces 2015.
The planet Neptune is in Pisces not only 2015, but from 2012 to 2026, boosting imagination and dreams.

Neptune holds the power of fantasy and dreams, the link to what is not real and the ability to experience it as if it was. Neptune feeds the imagination in every Zodiac sign it passes, but the dreams and fantasies will change in accordance with the traits of the sign.

Sentimental Art

So will art. Neptune is its major inspiration, so the trends and isms of art are very much influenced by the sign Neptune is in at the moment. That goes for all art – painting, music, drama, dancing, and so on.

The art being the most affected by Neptune in Pisces is music. That’s because it plays mainly on emotions and Pisces is a sign of emotions, as are all water signs of the Zodiac (Cancer and Scorpio being the other two).

When Neptune is in Pisces, which is from early 2012 to early 2026, music will be the art that stands out among the others and attracts audiences the most. Especially the kind of music that expresses the fragility of emotions and the pain of living, as well as music approaching hymn and psalm.

The emotions of Pisces are in particular the ones almost impossible to satisfy – the longing for bliss, the suffering of life’s imperfections, and the need for a sacrifice that would finally please the world. Not only music can express that. All art forms will search for solace when Neptune is in Pisces. All arts will be done with a tear in the eye of both the artist and the audience. Sentimentality is king.

Of course, Pisces is the first to recognize this quality in the arts and the foremost fan of it. More often than at other periods of time, Pisces is an artist, but also a more engaged audience than usual. Pisces quickly concludes that finally art has true meaning.

Vivid Imagination

But for Pisces personally, Neptune in the Zodiac sign mainly influences the imagination and the dreams. The latter will be vivid, with a strong aftertaste when waking up, and the former will go to farther than before. Pisces’ imagination becomes almost hallucinatory.

Since Neptune moves so slowly, its effect is the strongest when the planet is at the same place as the sun was in the birth horoscope. That means those Pisces born in February will feel it the most 2012 to 2016, whereas the Pisces who are born in early March are overwhelmed by it 2017 to 2021, and Pisces born in the middle of March get the same climax 2022 to early 2026.

Still, all Pisces will feel it to some extent during the whole of Neptune’s passage through the sign. It is something to treasure, although it can also be quite a roller-coaster, emotionally.

Unattached to the Real World

In the 2015 New Year horoscope, Neptune has no aspects (certain significant angles) to other parts of the horoscope. That needs to be considered.

It’s strange that this important force has no connection to life as a whole, society in general. That may be good for art, allowing it freedom to explore otherwise restricted domains, but it also creates an alienated relation between society and the arts. As if they had nothing to do with one another.

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Pisces can feel this strongly as a kind of absence, as if fantasies and dreams have no bearing on ordinary life. As if what the imagination comes up with is something completely unattached to the real world.

A dream world, existing only in itself, relating only to itself. It is wondrous, but also somewhat futile.

But that’s 2015. It was not so the year before and will not be so the following year.

Saturn Brings Complications

It will not even be so the whole of 2015, although it does in some way signify the year. Already in mid-January Saturn in Sagittarius moves to form a square aspect (90°) to Neptune. The aspect remains for a few months.

It will interfere with the dreams and fantasies of Pisces, as well as on the art scene. New duties are introduced, taking their toll and creating restrictions. They are odd, though, because of Sagittarius. They seem to be obligations to break free of obligations.

That may seem just fine, but it still tends to have the effect on putting a lid on imagination and its products. There is a conflict. Pisces can feel it as something in society trying to drag Pisces’ imagination in a certain direction.

But it will not last. Soon the mind is free to wander on its own again.

But Saturn can create other complications during its whole stay in Sagittarius – and that’s from the end of 2014 to mid-June 2015, and then again from mid-September until mid-December 2017.

At the second and longer period it will be even more of a bother to Pisces, with all kinds of demands and obligations interfering with Pisces’ life. It is constructive too, but quite a strain at times.

Boost of Energy for Pisces in 2015

Another planet interfering with Neptune is Mars, crossing over Neptune on January 20th. This conjunction is gone in a couple of days, but it is powerful. It will ignite the imagination and the arts will manifest it somehow.

Pisces should feel it as a burst of energy, expressing itself very sharply in dreams and fantasies.

Mars enters Pisces on January 12th and leaves the Zodiac sign on February 20th. In that period all Pisces will feel a boost of energy and a heightened level of activity in life as a whole, not just in dreams and fantasies. It can be quite tormenting at times, but it is a resource and things get done – more things than Pisces usually would manage.

Tough Luck for Pisces

In mid-September, Jupiter in Virgo forms an opposition aspect (180°) with Neptune. It is really active the whole of the month.

Jupiter brings luck and plenty of opportunities – but not in an opposition aspect. So, for Pisces September is a month without luck, where things don’t go as they were hoped to do.

Since the aspect is with Neptune, what is affected the most is the imagination. It seems to come almost to a halt in September, as if the muses had deserted Pisces. Well, there are dreams and fantasies, but they are less common and seem to lead nowhere.

Jupiter moves through Virgo from mid-August 2015 to mid-September 2016 (taking longer than usual, because of a retrograde movement). All that time, luck seems not to be on Pisces’ side. Things take more efforts to accomplish, opportunities are rare and not that spectacular.

The lesson is a simple but hard one: you can’t trust luck, you just have to work for it.

Dreams and Bitter Reality

Summing it up, for Pisces 2015 is mainly about blooming fantasy and spectacular dreams, as were the last couple of years and will several more years be. There are some complications in life, especially from September and on, but they can also be beneficial at length, although not without a price. Reality knocks on the door.

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