Libra Horoscope for 17-Jun-2018


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So if you’re a star sign Libra this week, there’s gonna be a few aspects that are gonna be happening in regards to the ruler of your sign, Venus. And one of them is that on Tuesday Venus is going to conjunct, or come into exact alignment, with the north node in Leo.

Now, the north node is the point of intersection, and it’s theoretical most of the time, or imaginary, between the path of the sun and the path of the moon. And the north node and the south node, which is the other intersection of that, which are opposite of each other in the Zodiac at all times, that’s where solar and lunar eclipses happen. They always happen on the north and south node. And the north node represents your way forward, kind of like the sun, but it also represents what’s expected of you and it represents qualities that are completely latent, or that are totally unrecognized within you, that you need to develop in order to have a richer, more meaningful, and more fulfilling life.

And so Venus, the ruler of your sign, being conjunct to the north node signifies that there’s perhaps a greater sense of understanding of this is the direction I need to go in. And since this is happening in the sign Leo, you’re gonna feel very confident about this, you’ll feel very strengthened by this knowledge, or maybe even convicted by it. And that’s good because later this week you’re gonna experience some challenging aspects to the ruler of your planet.

Notably, an opposition from Mars, and then you’re gonna experience a square from the moon and this is happening on Friday and Saturday. And the opposition from Mars will indicate that there are gonna be other people in your life whose desires and whose assertive, or maybe even aggressive, energy interferes with your sense of harmony and balance, and your personality, and your plans, and your life and everything.

And so… that conviction, that conjunct north node with Venus, the conviction that that aspect will give you, excuse me, can help you deal with that better. Perhaps you need to cut that person out, or perhaps you realize you haven’t been as nice to them as you could have, or you haven’t been as understanding, or perhaps you just need to let them calm down ’cause they’re just going through their own thing. And sometimes that happens, so it really just depends on your personal situation.

And in addition, the square from the moon is going to perhaps make you feel kind of out of step with what you’re doing emotionally, so you’ll feel like maybe what you’re doing isn’t the right thing, but just remember that if you’re doing the same thing that you were doing whenever, on Tuesday, you had the conjunct north node, then you’ll know you’ll be going in the right direction so you can just calm yourself down and remember the feeling and the conviction that you had, and stick to that because it’ll be good for you.

So that’s all I can say for your sign this week, if you’d like to learn more, or something more personal or in depth, just click on the button below and I’ll be here waiting for you, thanks.”

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