Libra Horoscope for 03-Jun-2018


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So if you’re a star sign Libra, this week some of the aspects that are happening in regards to the ruling planet of your sign, Venus, is that there’s gonna be a square to the moon near the end of the week and then near the beginning of the week, or beginning middle, there’s gonna be an opposition from Pluto.

Now Venus is in Cancer right now, so this level of harmony and balance is something that you’re trying to establish on an emotional level and at the level of a home and the family and perhaps parts of your past and your inner self, or perhaps from the collective ideas that are around you all the time that you are influenced by, the ideas of society, the ideas of the masses, and all of that.

Because the Cancer, the sign, represents the masses, emotions, home, family, past, inner self, all of those things. So perhaps there’s gonna be some material circumstance that kind of upsets that balance, that inner emotional balance, and just face it when it breaks its court.

It’s nothing to dramatize and nothing to be too worried about.

Just experience it as it’s happening.

And see where it takes you and perhaps consider how perhaps those circumstances and the breaking up of certain relationships or things or structures is meant to let something else grow in its place that’s new and better and improved. Or just at least different, which is good in and of itself. Now later in the week, like I said, there’s gonna be a square to the moon, and the moon’s gonna be in Aries.

So perhaps this emotional balance and harmony you want to strive within your family’s gonna be challenged by your inner sense of I need to do what I need to do. Lie you know, I have plans, I have things I have to do, like my way’s the highway type of energy that you’re gonna experience inside.

And just try to balance as you are so aware of doing and so so preoccupied with doing, and I know because I’m a Libra myself, and just use that energy to perhaps come to a greater sense of balance and perhaps review some ways in which, perhaps, situations aren’t as balanced as they are. And maybe you do need to assert yourself more, or maybe you need to think about other people more. It really just depends on your situation. So anyways, that’s all I can say for this week.

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