Libra Horoscope for 01-Jul-2018

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So if you’re a star sign Libra this week, there are some notable things going on involving the ruler of your sign, Venus. And the first thing is going to be an opposition from the Moon at the beginning of the week.

Now the Moon will be in Aquarius which is an air sign, and Venus will be in Leo, which is a fire sign. And so likely your sense of self, and maybe your expression of beauty or your desire to have harmony within and without yourself, may inadvertently trample over the feelings of others because perhaps your sense of harmony and peace and good times may not exactly jive with other people’s thoughts and feelings about what is a good time and what’s a good environment and what is needed for a particular situation.

And this may or may not be expressed by them because the Moon is very passive and it’s receptive, rather than aggressive and headstrong, like Mars would be. Because Mars would tell you, it would tell you to your face and it might yell, too, but the Moon may not say anything. And so just be aware at the beginning of this week that perhaps your gung ho attitude about certain things may kind of step over the feelings of others.

But at the end of the week there’s gonna be a trine between the Moon and Venus and this time the moon will be in Aries so perhaps the people that were hurt earlier in the week finally say something about it. And this will, you’ll be able to take this well because it’s a trine aspect and trines are the best possible aspect, except the conjunction in certain instances, but besides the point. It’s the best aspect, generally.

And so, this will likely give you a chance to repair any damage that was made in that earlier interaction at the beginning of the week and give you a chance to create a better sense of harmony because you’ll be cooperating and hearing the needs of others too, which is, of course, a vital part in creating harmony between others.

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