Libra 2016 Horoscope

Libra 2016 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Libra Zodiac Sign 2016


At the start of 2016, the planet Mars is about to leave the Libra sign. Calamity is replaced by a calm that lasts to September, when lots of good things start happening to Libra.

The last couple of months of 2015, Mars passed through Libra, causing a lot of activity – both struggle with all kinds of complications and concrete solutions that took some effort. It was a busy period, fatiguing but also rewarding.

A Well-deserved Rest

On New Year of 2016, Mars is at the end of the Libra sign, leaving it already on the 3rd of January. The calamity of the past few months is replaced by a calm that is good for relaxing and recuperating.

Because Mars is still in Libra in the 2016 New Year horoscope, it will have some effect on the whole year. There are occasional moments of unrest and the need for swift action. Some problems appear now and then, out of the blue.

These things pass as quickly as they come and never cause serious problems or even any particular discomfort. Mainly, Libra just has to make some rather tough decisions.

But it is fading away. The further into 2016, the less of such bothers appear. Most of the year is signified by a nice calm, sometimes even boring. That is because no other planet enters Libra.

But that changes in September.

Lots of Luck

On the 9th of September 2016, the planet Jupiter enters Libra, bringing lots of opportunities and good fortune.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, making sure that every Libra gets a lot of very promising openings for improvement and solutions to problems that previously seemed to be insoluble.

Jupiter in Libra.

Jupiter enters Libra in September 2016.

The planet only comes to the sign once every twelve years, so the effects of it are distinct and lasting. And they are good.

It is the planet of luck. Normally, Libra would not trust such an elusive thing, but it is sweet to have it now and then. For the rest of 2016, you have it in abundance.

Your luck will stay with you for quite a while. Jupiter doesn’t leave Libra until October 2017. Make good use of it. Dare to take risks and to make decisions you otherwise would hesitate forever about.

Remember that it takes twelve years before you get another chance like this.

Even More Things Going Your Way

On the 26th of September 2016, the sun forms a conjunction with Jupiter. That brings a tremendous extra boost of luck that you should absolutely make use of.

It is particularly strong and significant for those born on or around that date, but every Libra should get the golden opportunity to some extent.

The 2016 World Horoscope

The complete 2016 world horoscope chart, based on Greenwich at New Year 2016. Click on it for a bigger image. Click this link to read more about:

The 2016 World Horoscope

On the 11th of October 2016, the planet Mercury forms a conjunction with Jupiter. That’s a joyous moment, where you find yourself able to handle things that you would otherwise be hesitant about.

You meet people, delight them and easily come to all kinds of agreements with them. You are very convincing – not only because of your reasoning, but how you express yourself. You win people over. And you learn a lot in the process.

This, too, is particularly evident to those Libras born with the sun in the same position as the conjunction, which in this case is 6° Libra. That means Libras born at the end of September. But again – every Libra should get the same increased ability to some extent.

More in Your Personal Horoscope

Nothing more of even remotely the same significance happens to Libras in 2016 – generally speaking.

Of course, your complete personal horoscope chart contains all the Zodiac signs and planets, so it can point out many other events. But for that you have to check your own horoscope.

As for Libras in general: Have patience until September, when a lot of good things start to come your way.

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