Libra 2015 Horoscope

Libra 2015 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Libra Zodiac Sign 2015


When 2015 starts, the North Moon Node is exactly in the middle of the Libra sign, making this year significant for Libra, especially regarding life choices. The path you choose this year, you will follow for years to come.

The North Node, also called the Dragon’s Head, entered Libra already at the end of March 2014, and will stay in the sign until early October 2015. So, be sure to make any important life decisions before that. It will take years before the Dragon’s Head returns to your sign.

Because it travels so slowly (backwards) through the sign, the influence of the Moon Node is particularly strong for those born with the sun in the proximity of its position. In 2014, that influence was mainly felt by people born in the middle of October.

For 2015, it means that in the beginning of the year it has the biggest effect on those Libras born in the first two weeks of October. From April until the beginning of October 2015, the Libras born in September will notice its effect the most.

This Way or That

The Dragon’s Head has a Dragon’s Tail exactly at its opposite in the Zodiac, which for Libra means Aries. They describe a development from one to the other, that is from Libra towards Aries or the other way around. What decides the direction is what else can be seen in the horoscope.

It would be normal for a Libra to expect a development towards Libra, but the sign is empty of significant planets. Aries is not. Uranus is there and Mars passes through it in the spring. Their influence makes it the most likely that the development caused by the Moon Nodes is from Libra to Aries.

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That means from agreement towards competition, from union towards challenge, and from restraint towards hasty decisions and actions. Every Libra tends by this influence to act out of character and jump to decisions, seek conflict instead of compromise, and so on.

Because it happens in Aries and not in Libra, it usually means that these choices are not voluntary, but the consequences outside of your control. You may find that you have to do what you do not want to do, in order to regain control.

Springing Into Action

No major planet enters Libra until Mars comes in mid-November of 2015. It means that except for these life decisions, which are indeed of lasting importance, nothing much happens – until mid-November.

When Mars enters Libra, things speed up considerably. Since this is rather soon after the Dragon’s Head has left the sign, it is probable that the action is due to the life decisions made under its influence.

Mars in Libra 2015.
The planet Mars enters Libra in November 2015, bringing energy and a lot of action.

Now, it is time to walk the chosen path. With Mars kicking in, it is more like running.

Mars leaves Libra already in the beginning of 2016, so the intense period with a lot of action is not that long. But many things get done during that time. It is not easy. With Mars it never is. But it is very productive.

Mars is strong in Libra, causing firm decisions and stern refusal to compromise or postpone. It is all about here and now. And it is in the Libra character to spring into action, once decisions have been made. With Mars, this is done with additional emphasis.

The above is just about all of significance that happens to most Libras in 2015. But it is enough, and the effects will last for long.

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