Leo Horoscope for 17-Jun-2018


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So if you’re a star sign Leo this week, first of all, the ruler of your sign, the Sun, is gonna be moving into Cancer. So this is likely going to give you a greater sense of perhaps, emotional wellbeing or a sense of emotional introversion, perhaps you’re gonna need more time alone, more time to review the year because it’s upcoming to, you know in a month it’s going to be in your sign again.

And so now’s the time for review, and rest, and a sense of thinking, “Okay, what have I done this year?” “What did I do right, what did I do wrong?” “What do I wanna do this next year?” You know, and start thinking of things that you can look forward to as it nears your sign.

And so you’re likely to feel like more of a homebody, but there are gonna be two aspects that may get you out of that and may make you feel like perhaps you want to create something, and perhaps you may have heightened intuition because Cancer is a very intuitive sign, it’s a water sign, and all water signs have a certain level of intuition, at least on the emotional plane. And these two aspects are gonna happen just after the sun enters Cancer, this is gonna be a supportive sextile aspect from Uranus, and then a square from Chiron.

Now, the supportive sextile from Uranus, that is going to give you heightened intuition, a lightning fast mind. And since you may be a bit more of homebody in the coming week you’re going to likely take something, a creative endeavor and, you know, really work on it at home.

Spend all day Saturday just working, working, working. But that square from Chiron can give you some extra tension, as well, which may not be as pleasant as the energy from Uranus, because it’s a square and because Chiron is, in our solar system, it’s the energy principal of harmony through conflict.

So you will reach harmony but you have to experience some tension first, and that square exacerbates that energy because the square’s the most tense aspect, but it’s also super creative. So you can use that energy if you’re an artist, you can use all of that energy to really channel it into some new work or some new project that maybe you’ve been working on since the new moon in Gemini.

Or perhaps it can cause maybe a little disruption in your relationships with others, maybe it brings up some old wounds but that’s okay, just use this time to reflect on how things and situations made you feel and maybe you can learn from it and grow from it.

So that’s all I can say for this week, if you’d like something more personal or in depth just click on the button below and I’ll be here waiting for you, thanks.”

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