Leo Horoscope for 10-Jun-2018


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If you’re a star sign Leo this week, there’s gonna be a new moon in Gemini and for everyone in the zodiac, this is a fresh start.

It’s a new time to take a fresh perspective on things.

Or, start a new project, or rekindle a relationship, or just to take a new perspective on any of those things above or even more that perhaps is going on in your life.

This is gonna be a particularly, a mental refresh because Gemini’s an air sign and air signs rule the intellect and the mind. This is likely to be perhaps a new way of perceiving people in your life because Gemini also rules people.

It could indicate that people that are gonna be more young and playful and energetic are gonna come into your life. Or perhaps you’ll start feeling that energy again, maybe you’ve been in a slump and that new moon can give you a mental spark to make you more cheery again.

As far as the rest of the week is concerned, one of the main thing that’s happening in your sign is that Venus is going to be entering Leo the day after the new moon.

After that spark, or that jump start that the new moon can give you, if you allow it to happen, there will be this sense of beauty that you’ll come into, or perhaps because Venus rules not emotional but a mental beauty, a mental understanding of aesthetics and harmony and love that perhaps new modes of expression will begin to, you will begin to attract those new modes of expression into your life and they will likely be mental because fire signs are also mental.

That new moon in Gemini is really going to jump start your brain and your relationships with others. That’s pretty much all that’s happening this week.

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