Gemini Horoscope for 17-Jun-2018


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So if you’re a star sign Gemini this week, well, as you know, we had the new moon in your sign last week, so that’s the beginning of the year-long cycle. And so you’re still feeling fresh, most likely, you’re feeling kind of energized.

And perhaps you’ve kind of started to put into the concrete world, a plan forward for your life, or a new project, or a new relationship, or just a new perspective on things. Now, around the middle of this week there’s gonna be two really important and really strong aspects to the ruler of your sign, Mercury. And they’re gonna be a trine from both Jupiter and Neptune.

And so this feeling of excitedness and energy is likely to give you a sense of emotional wellbeing, because Jupiter and Neptune… are very emotional, but also mental planets. And seeing as Mercury’s in Cancer and then Jupiter’s in Scorpio, and Neptune is in its own sign, Pisces, it’s likely to give you an emotional sense of wellbeing that will permeate through all levels of your life. And so just use that time and enjoy it.

Just relish in the middle of the week, maybe take things a little slow, maybe just do things for the sake of doing them and for making yourself feel good, you know. Now, near the end of this week there’s gonna be a bit more of an explosive aspect, and that’s gonna be on Saturday. It’ll be an opposition from Pluto in Capricorn.

Now, this will manifest in interpersonal relationships and it’s likely going to manifest aspects of other people, and of yourself, that you may not realize that are really destructive in a creative way, if that makes sense, because Pluto’s a destroyer but Pluto is also a regenerator.

And, like the Phoenix that burns up, it rises from the ashes again, anew. And so perhaps there may be a situation with you and someone you know, where a part of your life gets destroyed by them. Or, you know, an aspect of the way you perceive things gets destroyed by them, but it’s going to come back in a new, and better, and stronger way. So just look out for that near the end of the week. And that’s pretty much all that’s happening this week.

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