Gemini Horoscope for 08-Jul-2018


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So if you’re star sign Gemini, there’s something of importance that’s happening, not only to you but to everyone in the zodiac, and that is gonna be a new moon. But it’s not only a new moon, it’s also a partial solar eclipse which means that during the day, the moon is going to cross over the path of the sun and partially block out the light of the sun. And these have been fabled to be huge events throughout our history in terms of mythology, in terms of war and strife and happenings of great importance.

But also, and this is of importance because it’s a new moon in Cancer and the moon rules Cancer so it’s a strong new moon but it’s also going to be an exact opposition to Pluto and Capricorn. And Pluto is dynamic. It’s uncontrollable, destructive energy that has a capacity to heal by destroying things that block healing and rest and everything. But it can sometimes manifest in negative ways too. At least at first is how we perceive them. So this is going to be a very strong presence near the end of the week.

What it’s likely going to manifest in terms of you as a Gemini, is likely going to be situations in where you feel kind of out of step with everything else or maybe something happens that just seems off and it feels like there’s this block, everything you try to do, you’re constantly, you’re five minutes late to the bus or you say the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person and they get upset at you. But this can also manifest as illness and what I mean by that is that if there’s any tension between you and someone else, perhaps that tension will manifest itself in a physical ailment. It’s not to say you’re gonna come down with anything super serious but perhaps you’ll feel, like you’ll have headaches and maybe that will be because there’s some unresolved emotional or mental tension between you and your partner or you and your coworker or your boss.

Things are left unsaid and instead of dealing with them, you just try to forget about the tension and as a result, turns into a cold or something like that. And those things really do happen. So keep in mind your stress levels at the end of this week and as long as you face the situation when it breaks your court and accept it, you can move through that and you can use that destructive energy of Pluto to destroy the things that have been in your way from healing and feeling better and more whole and well.

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