Gemini Horoscope for 03-Jun-2018


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If you’re a star sign Gemini this week, some notable things that are happening in the transits are that, in the middle of the week, you’re going to have two squares.

One from Neptune and one from the moon and they’re going to be conjunct, they’re gonna be together in Pisces and they’re gonna be in square to Mercury in your own sign. And in addition to that, Mercury is also going to line up with the sun in your own sign.

And so this is likely going to be, for you, an experience of perhaps emotional disharmony between who you think you are or perhaps elements of your past self or your inner sense of self and emotional qualities with the present demands that are put on you and perhaps you’ll have some miscommunication within yourself or between others in regards to emotional issues because Neptune in a square to any of the inner planets is gonna dissolve the boundaries that we normally use to interact with the world.

So, perhaps your communication or your mental energy will perhaps more dissolute and you’ll be a little bit more spacey and everything, but just take that time to reflect and use that kind of disruptive energy to remind yourself to perhaps slow the pace down, take a little more time to reflect, take a little more time to yourself, ’cause that’s one of the strongest ways to deal with the Neptunian energy, at least in a disruptive manner. And so that’s pretty much all I can say for you this week.

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