Gemini Horoscope for 01-Jul-2018

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If you’re a star sign Gemini this week, there are gonna be some notable aspects going on with the planet that rules your sign, Mercury.

There’s one in particular, one configuration of aspects, that centers around your planet that I will delve into in a moment. First, there’s going to be a conjunction with the North Node.

The North Node represents qualities that we need to develop for our own growth, to grow our own potential. These are qualities that we have but we may not recognize we have so we don’t express them. This will happen in the sign Leo so you’ll likely feel very in tune with the general direction of your life and this will be a good energy.

But also on this same day, you’re going to, or Mercury is going to experience a Finger of Yod or Finger of God aspect involving itself, the moon, and Saturn. The moon and Saturn both represent your paths so the Finger of God aspect configuration is whenever you have two planets that are in a sextile or 60 degrees apart, then they both aspect a planet that is 150 degrees apart from them each which is five signs apart. So, the moon is going to be in, let’s see the moon’s gonna be in Pisces while Saturn is going to be in Capricorn and this creates five signs away to Leo.

The Finger of God combination is extremely powerful. It doesn’t happen often but when it does there’s always a part of us that, to use maybe striking language gets killed off. And so, it’s likely to be a time where you’ll feel simultaneously very in line with new aspects of yourself that will be showing up and that you’ll be presenting and expressing.

Also at the same time, this could also indicate that a part of you is leaving or dying off in favor of that new aspect of yourself. This can be a time of great change and great growth as this central focus being in Leo it’s going to be very expressive and dynamic. So, this is a very important week for you and I hope that whatever you learn from it, you make the best of it. That’s all I can say for this week.

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