Capricorn Horoscope for 17-Jun-2018


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So if you are a star sign Capricorn this week, the first thing of interest is that the Sun is going to be moving into the sign opposite yours, Cancer, on Thursday. And so this will likely make you feel like there are aspects of yourself that are expressing themselves in others. Although this is likely to be unconscious. So you’re not actually likely to feel that.

But it’s likely to be more of like aspects that you are capable of expressing like emotional resonance and nurturing and caring and being a homebody. Those are things that you are gonna see a lot in other people over the next month. And I would just encourage you to maybe see how you can experience and embody those qualities as well.

And also learn to appreciate those things in others. Because as the sign opposite yours, it may not be something that you’re exactly prone to, maybe you’re not prone to appreciating as much depending on the type of star sign Capricorn you are. So just keep that in mind this week.

In addition, there’s gonna be an aspect, a square specifically, from the Moon the day before the Sun goes into Cancer. And the Moon rules Cancer. And so you’re likely to feel maybe out of touch with that. Especially out of touch with that nurturing aspect of yourself. Or maybe you just feel out of touch with your own sense of self. And your sense of well-being.

And you know, perhaps something in the past starts bothering you again. Internally, at least. But that’s okay. Because that square, it’s meant to, it’s a very tense aspect, but it’s meant to bring up something that perhaps maybe needs to be resolved.

Or maybe just needs to be thought out a little more or just perhaps it’ll just help you pay more attention to yourself so you’re not working so hard. Or you’re not just focusing on getting things done. Or making sure things are in order. And being productive.

Maybe it’s a time to rest and relax a little bit. Especially as the ruler of your sign Saturn is in retrograde. Which encourages us to look back and to reflect on things. So that’s all I can say for your sign this week.

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