Capricorn Horoscope for 01-Jul-2018

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If your a star sign, Capricorn this week, you’re likely feeling still kind of, maybe shaken up or maybe your energy levels are going down after the full moon that happened in Capricorn last week.

And if you follow these videos, then you know that Saturn was involved in that full moon because the full moon happened so closely in aspect, where the moon was here and Saturn was just right there. It was basically conjunct.

So Saturn, or your personality, because that’s what the ruler of star sign represents, had a part to play in that full moon. And it was also marked a halfway point of a lunar cycle in which there is a full moon and six months later then there’s a new moon in the same, in your sign. And the new moon marks the beginning of that cycle, so now’s the time where things that you have enacted in the first six months, you’re gonna start seeing them cascade out and the consequences of those things are going to show themselves.

And also this will be a time to slowly, over the course of the next few months, start reevaluating, okay, did I take the right direction? What are some things that I want to look forward to changing? What are some things that I want to stop doing? Because the full moon returns to the new moon is about decommissioning things and letting things in.

Just look out for that over the next several months, but over this next week, you’ll start to see some emanations from that energy enter your life.

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