Cancer Horoscope for 17-Jun-2018


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So if you’re a star sign Cancer this week, well first of all on Thursday the sun’s gonna be moving into your sign, so if you’re an early Cancer birth or a solstice birth, happy birthday. And also this, for all Cancers, is going to make you feel more confident in yourself and more of yourself, because the sun represents our identity in this life and it represents our way forward and qualities that we have, that we need to cultivate more so that we’ll be happier and more fulfilled and have a more meaningful and rich life.

So this is likely– For the second half to the week, you’re likely to get the strong sense of self expression, which is perhaps a little unusual, depending on the Cancer sun sign you are. But that’s good; take advantage of it. And take anything from the new moon in Gemini that maybe opened itself up in your life and take ahold of that and run with it, because now is your season.

Now the ruler of your sign, moon, the moon of course always goes through a lot of changes. It’s the fastest moving planet in the Orthodox Zodiac and some notable aspects that the moon’s gonna be receiving this week are gonna be three oppositions on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday, from Neptune, Chiron, and Uranus.

And then there’s also gonna be some squares from Saturn, Pluto, and Mars and Venus. And to kind of sum it up, because that’s a lot of information, you’re likely to experience perhaps some interpersonal, not necessarily conflicts, but some interesting dynamics between you and certain people, individuals in your life. And it’s likely gonna manifest in perhaps kind of a— It’s hard to describe, honestly.

But let me put it this way, Neptune is going to come into your life through other people in the sense that perhaps other people may take up a lot of your time or make you feel lethargic. Or they may give you inspiration and may give you a lot of insight into who they are and to who you are or into what life is like.

Chiron and Uranus are going to shake things up a little bit and give you some excitement and that could be potentially stressful, but it can also be really invigorating, especially since the sun’s gonna be in your sign starting Thursday.

And then the squares from Saturn and Pluto and Mars are basically just gonna create some tension, specifically with structures or the lack thereof or other people’s desires or your own, but that’s good because you can use that energy from all that tension to really ground yourself in who you are and continue with the things you wanna do. So that’s pretty much all I have to say for this week.

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