Aries Horoscope for 01-Jul-2018

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So, if you are a star sign Aries, the notable energies to watch out for this week and to notice as they float throughout your life is going to be, first of all, going through the ruler of your sign, Mars.

Mars is in Aquarius, as it has been for the past little while and so that mental energy is going to continue to build up. However, it’s going to be more inward and so maybe this’ll a good time for self reflection and slowing things down which you may not be used to as Aries are typically known as very fiery and original and brash and you know, maybe a little hard headed sometimes, but that can be a good trait too.

But, some notable aspects that are happening with Mars this week is gonna happen near to the end of the week. One of them is going to be an opposition from Mercury, so perhaps you’ll likely trample on other people’s you know, plans or maybe you’ll come off as a bit too brash and other people may cut you down with their wit or maybe they’ll point out something that you didn’t think about.

So, maybe you’ll feel like, you know, maybe you’re not the smartest in the room and everyone’s kind of being, like outsmarting you or, you know, just smarter than you, but that’s okay because it’s just showing you ways in which your relationships can improve because out of all those difficulties arise challenges and all challenges are opportunities.

In addition to that, there’s also going to be a trine between the moon which will be in your sign, Aries, and Mars on the same day. So, perhaps just listening to how you feel after those situations and what you wanna do to smooth over the waters is very good in that Arian energy from the moon will give you the impetus to do it and will give you the impetus to smooth things out and make things harmonious again.

So, that’s what you can look out for this week. If you’d like to learn more, just click on the link below and I’ll be here waiting for you.


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