Aquarius 2015 Horoscope

Aquarius 2015 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Aquarius Zodiac Sign 2015


At the start of 2015, the planet Mars is in Aquarius, which indicates trouble. For Aquarius that trouble is most likely to be quarrels and arguments more than the swinging of fists.

Since Mars is in the sign at the start of the year, it has an influence all through 2015 – although mostly the first couple of weeks. The planet leaves Aquarius already at the 12th of January. This also means that the trouble started already by the end of 2014.

Mars in Aquarius 2015.
The planet Mars is in Aquarius in the beginning of 2015, which makes it play a significant role for Aquarius the whole year.

While in Aquarius, Mars has an opposition aspect (180°) to Jupiter in Leo. This shows that the trouble Mars brings has some unlucky results for Aquarius personally. Things don’t go your way. Obstacles appear and take some getting over. The trouble is not really misfortune, but the lack of fortunate outcomes. Things just don’t go your way.

But as any Aquarius would know, you learn from the experience.

Still Good News for Aquarius

In early January, Mercury and Venus enter Aquarius, joined in a conjunction. They return to the sign every year, but far from always paired up like this. So, in the beginning of 2015 each Aquarius will get a boost of inspiration and joyful activity, which is sure to be quite enjoyable.

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Therefore, even though Mars causes trouble, Mercury and Venus soon give reason for enjoyment in other parts of your life. They even help with finding solutions to the trouble caused by Mars, although that may take a while.

Venus is soon to leave Aquarius, but Mercury lingers on until mid-March, causing lots of stimulating conversations and other intellectual stimuli.

Not Much After That

After that, though, there is not much happening in Aquarius’ life. No other planet enters the sign during 2015, so there is nothing much going on outside the normal routine.

Unfortunately, new adventures seem to wait until November 2016, when Mars returns to Aquarius. Of course, that only goes for Aquarius in general. Your personal horoscope birth chart, where all the planets count, may have lots of stuff in store for you.

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